Saturday, 19 April 2014

Taking On YouTube

Hey everyone

Starting a YouTube gaming channel has been on the cards for a while now and i'm really passionate about it. With working full time and having a family, i've simply not had the time to put in 100% to recording, editing and uploading and it's only now that the Easter holiday is around and i have 4 days off that i have really had the chance to knuckle down and start making the videos.

Unfortunately because i want to put all my effort into getting my first few videos live, i will have to put blogging on the back burner. I'm not happy about it as i love creating new ideas for posts and sharing things with you all but i don't have the time to commit my time to both and i have to concentrate on the thing i am more passionate about. That's not to say i'm not passionate about blogging because i REALLY am. I love taking 10 minutes out of my busy life to tip tap away at my laptop and rant or ramble but until i can establish a decent balance between work, family and Youtube i will have to sacrifice blogging.

If i ever find the time to make a post or i have something i really want to share then i will be back posting, this isn't permanent, just a little holiday i guess.

Hopefully i will still have your support and maybe you can support me just as much on my YouTube too :)


Kate x


  1. Do it! I subscribed already - no pressure, haha :) Good luck with it, Susan x

    1. Oh my god! Wow thankyou haha you're my first subscriber! I'm honoured :) x


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