Saturday, 31 May 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // June

I have Alex over at to thank for this. Even though she didn't force me into doing it, that girl has serious mental powers of persuasion ( Only joking chick )

Seriously though, when the A to Z challenge happened in April, i had massive respect for Mars, Charley & Em for doing it through to the end because i knew i would fall at the first hurdle. I'm surprised i managed to do #30 DayDisneyChallenge on Instagram! But this is a bit different. I'm going to start this tomorrow and see it through until the bitter end so basically i'm going to write them up and schedule them muaha crafty.

Please let me know if you plan to do this aswell. Would be great to read other posts

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Room 101 // #2

I've been itching to do round 2 of this for AGES! So many things have pissed me off lately and they deserve to be sent head first into room 101.

Katie Hopkins

This woman is pure poison. If you don't know who she is, she was a contestant on The Apprentice and has gone on to slate every single celebrity that she can get her venomous teeth into. I'm all for freedom of speech but this woman is evil personified. When she was on This Morning, she said ' I don't like giving children geographical location names such as Brooklyn & London ', Phillip Schofield went on to say ' But your daughter is called India?! '.. Katies response was ' But it's not related to a location '. ERM WHAT?! She can hand out criticism like smarties but can't take it herself, the poisonous COW!

Drivers who neglect their car indicators

Being on the road everyday for my job, i come across this all the time. Those people who drive the magic cars that send us other drivers a message that they are about turn turn left/right/overtake etc. YOU DON'T HAVE A MAGIC FUCKING CAR! There is absolutely no excuse for not using your indicators! If you can smoke, eat, drink, mess with your phone ( you shouldn't be anyway ) then you can flick your bloody indicator up or down and let us know what you are doing! Into room 101 you go, you twats!


My boyfriend loves his sport. Fishing, football, pool. All three of those i can live with but cricket is one sport i can't abide but he loves it. It's so boring! The points system makes no sense, all these overs and wickets and as for the ashes? They pretty much declare war for an egg cup full of barbecue remnants? Come on now.


An odd choice i know but i speak for womankind when i say that wearing a bra is one of our least favourite things in life. There is nothing better than taking your bra off at the end of the day..tell me i'm wrong! I bet you all feel the same. One day i hope there is an alternative for them because they're uncomfortable, restricting and stupid end of.

Happy - Pharrell 

 I'm sorry it's come to this Pharrell but i have no choice. This song is being played at least every 30 minutes on the radio every single day and i'm loosing the will to live because of it. I really don't mind Pharrell and i really liked this song the first couple of times but my god enough already! I was happy but now i'm really sad

Katy Perry  

 I'm afraid her time has come and she has to be banished into room 101. I am sick to the back teeth of hearing 'Roar' & 'Dark Horse' on the radio, it's literally frying up what brain cells i have left. I used to love Katy Perry and her music, i loved that she was so edgy but it's just so overdone now and instead of keeping her locked away forever, just maybe keep her locked up for a year or so, so that i can get these annoying bloody songs of hers out of my head!


My First Youtube Vid Is Live!

Oh my god this video has been a long time coming. I never thought for a second that setting up a gaming channel would be so bloody complicated! 

People with beauty channels just need to sit infront of a camera on a tripod, but with gaming you need 2 laptops, a tv, a decent microphone, a HDPVR box and headphones! Alot of gear but so worth it so here it is the finished article!

For my first try at a video, i think it's pretty good and it's very funny. Well it's funny to me anyway but i hope it makes someone else giggle too.


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Job Opportunity To Work With Me // Hull

So this post will only really appeal to anyone living in Hull or East Riding ( my apologies ) 

As most of my close blogging friends know, i work for Humberside Police as an Environmental cleaner. I am currently working alone since the guy i worked with walked out...this was actually a blessing because he was a moaning bastard who had nothing good to say. My manager has asked me to get the word out to see if i can find anyone who would like to work alongside me.

What is the job?

My job title is Periodic & Environmental cleaner. My main job is doing periodic work which involves deep cleaning police stations and any property owned by them. The work includes shampooing carpets, buffing floors, wiping everything down...really easy stuff. But the other side to it, is i generally have to 'cover' for anyone on sick or holiday and that means going to an array of different stations located around Hull, The East Riding & Northern Lincolnshire and emptying bins, cleaning toilets..general cleaning duties really. 

Also in this job, i am what's called 'Immediate Response' and that is when i am called to a cell clean, a crime scene or an emergency.

Cell cleans - Cell cleans are the cells located in police stations and NOT a prison ( very different ) and i can be called out at any point during the day no matter what i'm doing. Cell cleans can range from cleaning up blood to a messy protest which is basically when the prisoner decides to throw shit and piss everywhere.

A crime scene - This is self explanatory. Generally with a crime scene it is organised well in advance and i'm made aware of it with plenty of notice.

Emergency call out - These are usually a burst water cooler, flooded toilet etc but only ever in police stations. We get called in to clean up after the situation has been dealt with by plumbers, electricians etc.

What will you be doing?

You will be coming out on the road with me monday - friday ( you have weekends and bank holidays off ) and you'll be visiting different sites to either do cover work or periodic. Depending on what cover work is on the agenda, will affect how the day pans out so for example, if there is only 1 site that needs cover, then we can go out at any time during the day to get it done but there are occasions when i can be covering up to 7 sites and could be out from 8am. Periodic work generally starts at 4pm and lasts for 4 hours but again this depends on the site because in some stations you can get in earlier. And of course you will be helping me do cell cleans.

What's in it for you?

 In my opinion apart from counselling, this is the best job i've ever done. You are out on the road everyday, you're not stuck in the same shitty office day in day out, you meet so many different people, you experience being in a police custody without being arrested ( very satisfying i may add ) and the pay is great...

Cover work - Minimum wage £6.31 ( going up to £7 in October )
Periodic - £8 per hour
Cell clean, crime scene & specials - £12 per hour get to work with me :D

Are there any cons to the job?
 Unfortunately yes there are a few. What you have to bare in mind with this job is that when you work with the police, you will encounter a few who do look down on you and think they are better than you. This is just one of those things that you have to let go over your head. 99% of them are lovely but there is always one who will make you feel worthless. Also, you will encounter some pretty grim sights including blood, vomit, shit, piss, body tissue..basically alot of unpleasant things so you really need a strong stomach and to look past what you see alot of the time and remember you are there to work.

Do you need any experience?
 No you don't. But you will definitely need a driving license as you will need to share the driving with me ( we drive a Vauxhall Vivaro Van ). You will also have a police vetting check carried out on you. If you've ever had a CRB check then it is similar but alot more in depth where they check to see if you are in an obscene amount of debt or have had any criminal convictions whatsoever. To do this job you need to be squeeky clean. We all have some money worries which isn't a problem but don't apply if you are in over £20,000 worth of debt because you won't get a look in.

Finally what i will say about the job, is that my managers are lovely. They are on the end of the phone all the time and are the nicest people i have ever worked for. Yeah ok they have their bad days we all do but they are genuinely lovely to work for and they leave you alone. Being out on the road is good fun and plus if you work with me you're guaranteed to have a laugh!

So if anyone is interested or know of someone who might fit the bill then please let me know via email -


Friday, 23 May 2014

Bring Back My Snacks!

Can you remember the very first chocolate bar you ate? What it was called or what it tasted like? Probably not but there are so many snacks from my childhood/youth that i absolutely loved and then as quickly as the appeared, they were taken off the shelves ( Cadbury i'm looking at you )

I thought i would write up a little post about my favourite snacks from years gone by that are sadly no longer with us...all are worthy of a state funeral may i add. See how many you can remember!

Wotsits Wafflers

White chocolate aero

Cadbury Snaps

Ready Salted Chipsticks ( They still make them but are SO hard to find )

Cadbury Asteroids

Cadbury Fuse

Flake Snow

Citrus Polos

3D Doritos

As you can see, Cadbury are the main culprit in pulling some of my favourite snacks off the shelves but they did say that they would talk to their production team and see if they can bring back the Fuse bar and Flake Snow..RESULT! 

Do you remember any of these? I'd love to know what snacks you loved that are no longer around

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rant // Bloggers Who Go Too Far

I've been holding back from ranting on my blog or just ranting in general but i've had enough and i need to speak out. I'm sorry if any of you disagree with what i'm about to say but i'm sure there will be a few who completely agree.

Recently, my Twitter feed has been filled with bloggers who are desperately trying to convince others to vote for them in the Company blogger awards. I have absolutely no grievance with the blogger awards themselves as i believe it's good that bloggers actually get some kind of recognition. However, the select few ( or should i say many ) bloggers who are retweeting the same bloody persuasive message over and over and over again is getting completely out of hand.

'Vote for me in the Company blogger awards, go on you know you wanna!'


Why the hell should i vote for someone and their blog because they assume that by retweeting all the time about the fact, it will somehow convince me that they are worthy of winning? This is pressure and i don't like it, plus it makes that individual look desperate and needy, two traits in a human being that i absolutely detest. 

I have voted for one yes ONE  blogger who i feel deserved to be nominated. Why do i feel like this? Because..

1. I read their blog frequently and i enjoy the content
2. They tweeted once about being nominated

If you are up for nomination then by all means, get on social networks and let the world know but to repeat the same fucking pressure induced message every 30 seconds is absolutely appauling. Do you enjoy looking desperate? Well clearly you do otherwise you wouldn't be fucking doing what you're doing! And also, these bloggers put themselves up for nomination. This isn't the BAFTA's or OSCARS where the public think you are worthy, it's your ego making you think you're worthy.

So to sum this up, no i will not vote for you in any blogger award. I'm not going to be forced into voting for you when i have absolutely no reason to. And for future reference, if you want any kind of respect in the blogging world, don't make yourself look like a petulant, greedy little monster because in all fairness you are likely to lose out to someone worthwhile and then all you will do is go trot over to your blog and rant about how it was all a 'fix' blah blah. Put your dummy back in.

Second on the agenda of Operation rant, is bloggers who think that blogging is a competition. 


I genuinely mean this, but if i had a pound for everytime i have seen someone on twitter say ' Oooo i'm 36 away from 200, help me get to my goal'..i wouldn't be working! How the hell is 200 a goal for you? Or if infact, is any number a goal? Yes we all want our blogs to be recognised somehow or other but to do everything in your power to persuade people to follow your blog which in most cases they don't bloody want to, just to make your BlogLovin' account look special? Are you wise?!

I think i've got 220 followers on my blog, i didn't even notice that until i got an email about it because it genuinely is not that important to me. Blogging to me is a little escape where i can talk about what i want, i don't have a specific audience and i couldn't give a shit about stats and facts and figures etc etc. I just do it because i enjoy it!

I will occasionally re-post about a specific post i have done which i believed would be enjoyed by a wider audience such as my 'Hull Accent Explained' post which turned out to be quite popular because it was so true but there are so many people who feed so much shite out about a blog post that i have either read once on there before or it has been done by SO many other bloggers. For example..

Garnier Micellar water. How many reviews do i really want to read about this stuff? Yes i use it and i did a review myself when it very first came out but it has been on the shelves for a very long time now and i'm still seeing reviews about it! Change the fucking record and stop sharing it on Twitter!

I'm going to get a mixed reaction to this post and i'm fine with that but i really had to let off some steam about the subject.

Bloggers, the main point of blogging is to have fun and maybe make some mates along the way. It's not a competition and it's not about boosting your numbers or entering yourself into a blogger award. For christ sake lighten up and enjoy yourself! 


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Disney Tag

Regardless of your age now, you must have watched Disney at some point in your life or if you're anything like me, you still do. This tag made me smile so i had to do it

1. Favourite Disney Film?

Sword in the stone is my all time favourite Disney film. It's an oldie but a classic and i laugh everytime i watch it. Merlin is my hero, there's something about his sense of humour that i completely relate to. 

2. Favourite Disney Character?

Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I have been obsessed with Alice in Wonderland since i was a kid. What i like about Alice is that although she clearly comes from an upper class background, once she falls into Wonderland, she becomes someone with a different concept of reality and i love that.

3. Favourite Disney Princess?
I don't really have a favourite princess because to me they're all the same but i guess i have to answer the question so mine would have to be Ariel. She is a typical rebellious teenager, something the other Disney princesses didn't really sympathise with.


4. Rather be Aurora or Cinderella?

Aurora. Because she had 3 funny ladies looking after her for ages, she slept for god knows how long and she had a fit bloke marrying her as soon as she opened her eyes. Compared to Cinderella who had to clean 24 hours a day, her only friend was a mouse and she had to leave the party at midnight ( this is never good ), i think i picked the better option.

5. Rather be Hercules or Tarzan?

Hercules. He's such a simple soul

6. Rather be Lizzie McGuire or Raven Baxter?
Not a massive fan of either characters but i would say i'd rather be Lizzy McGuire. I remember watching the film and thinking 'I want to go to Italy and be mistaken for a pop star'. Plus she had some amazing clothes too.

7. Favourite Disney Song?
Bloody hell this is a toughy, there are so many! My all time favourite would have to be 'Higitus Figitus' from Sword in the Stone. It's so catchy and i regularly sing it while cleaning up. 


8. Which Disney character would be your best friend? 
As much as i would love Alice or Merlin to be my second in command, i would think that having Genie as my best mate would prove practical. He is there on demand, grants you wishes, gives you advice and makes you laugh and then when he pisses you off, you can shove him into a lamp. Perfect. Shame some friendships can't be like that.

9. Which Disney character would be your pet? 

Once again i'm raking up my love for Sword in the Stone because the one pet i would want would be Archimedes. He's so cantankerous and short with people yet has a cracking sense of humour. He reminds me of my dad. Who Who! What What!

10. Have you ever been to Disneyland? 
I have indeed. I went while on holiday in France. It was my 10th birthday and it was a complete surprise to be going. I remember very little about it and i'm sure it's changed alot since i was there but i would love to go to Disney World in Florida one day and i'm sure Sarah does too, we just need to convince Carl to come along.

Kirstie over at gave me the idea for this tag so i'm tagging ALL of you to do it yourself. Can't wait to read them

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Keeping Up With The Times // My Daughters Birthday

My beautiful daughter Sarah is turning 11 this month and even though she is still my little girl regardless of age, i have had to readjust to the fact that she is not so little anymore and with each year comes more extravagance and the need to give her an even better birthday than the last. 

Luckily this year she didn't want a massive party but to celebrate by taking two of her closest friends bowling and then for some tea. The frugal side of me is rejoicing at the prospect of not spending a fortune ( even though she is getting her very first phone as her main! ) but then realisation struck when i remembered that when you have a party for your child and their friends, you need to hand out party bags....ugh!

 Remember these bad boys from your youth? I bloody do. The plaggy nastiness of a party bag filled with cheap plastic whistles and rubber finger puppets and the inevitable pack of Parma Violets. Not to mention the soggy piece of birthday cake wrapped in a birthday napkin that would almost certainly leave shards of tissue stuck to the buttercream icing. 

Apart from the fact she is way too old for this style of party bag, i wanted her friends to have something special and after some thought time and a bit of imagination, i came up with this...

A personalised little gift bag, a friendship bracelet and a chocolate lollipop with their names on. So simple yet perfect to hand out to 11 year old girls. What i've learnt from organising 10 birthday parties for Sarah is that it's not about trying to outdo other parents when it comes to party bags. They are meant as a token of thanks for sharing a special day and i personally think this idea is really adorable.


Friday, 9 May 2014

The Hull Accent Explained

After nearly 28 years on this planet, i'm still surprised at how many people can't understand the Hull accent or even more bizarrely, don't even know where Hull is! Hull is a small city in comparison to the more well known areas such as London & Manchester but come on! Did you know that the Germans thought Hull was London during the war and it was the second worst bombed city in the UK? Well now you know. Anyway....

The Hull accent is one of the more bizarre accents that England has to offer. It has tinges of Yorkshire running through it but like the Geordie & Scouse accent, the Hull version is a language all it's own. So i'm going to explain our accent and the slang we use so in future if you ever have the honour of meeting us Hull, you'll be able to not only understand us but have a good old natter back!

The Inability to pronounce the letter T

 If you have a strong Hull accent like mine, you have a mental block when it comes to pronouncing your T's. For example, my birth name is Katy but in Hull we would say ' Kay'ee '. If we try to pronounce the letter T, we sound ridiculous and like we're mocking well spoken folk. 

Replacing I with A

The only time we really use 'I' instead of A is when the word begins with said letter including  Icecream or Imagine. But 99% of the time we replace I with A. For example, if you were to speak the word 'Nineteen Ninety Nine' ( as in 1999 the year ) you would pronounce the I whereas in Hull we would say ' Narnteen Narnety Narn '. Or the number five, we would say 'Farve '. 

 Saying MA instead of MY

 You don't really think about how many times you say a specific word on a daily basis but i would say the word 'MY' is used more than most. In Hull we don't so much have an issue with the letter Y just pronouncing it in the word MY.  Instead we say MA. For example, you would say ' I left MY keys at home '. We would say ' I left MA keys at home.

Hull Vs 'Ull

Finally we come to the pinacle of the Hull Accent...speaking the name itself. You will not meet anyone from here that says Hull, we all say 'Ull. Deliberately leaving the H out of the word is something we do on a regular basis, it's almost religious. Also to tie in with this, we rarely pronounce our H's either!

 Slang Words & Sayings // Items

Croggy - A croggy is when you let a second person sit or stand on the rear end of a bike while you cycle. ' Giving someone a croggy '

Pattie - A pattie is an item of food you will only ever find in Hull fish & chip shops. It's a deep fried cake made from mash and herbs. If you go to any fish and chip shop outside of Hull and ask for a Pattie, they won't have a clue what you're talking about

Ten Foot - A 10 foot is a name we use to describe an alleyway behind buildings.

Err Nerr - Which means ' Oh No '

Bullyvard - This represents 'Boulevard' which is the old stomping ground for Hull City 

Diddy Farndowt - 'Did he find anything?'

Mafted/Mafting - We say this when it's too hot 

Chip Spice - This is a mixture of different herbs and spices that we put on chips. I'm not sure if this is sold elsewhere but i'm pretty sure it's indigenous to Hull

Ey Up There! - A common greeting we use which basically means ' Hello '

Pushhog - A bike

Larking out - Playing out with friends

I had such a laugh writing this out. All my Hull mates will appreciate the humour behind our accent. So the next time you visit Hull ( please do it's a nice place! ) try use some of these words and go and ask for a Pattie Buttie at the chippy!






Thursday, 8 May 2014

7 Deadly Sins Tag // Beauty

1. GREED: What is your most expensive and inexpensive beauty item?

The most expensive will be my Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. Carl bought me it for Christmas but i know the price tag for it and it wasn't cheap. 

The most inexpensive would be my trusty Collection 2000 kohl eyeliner. I've been using them for years and the price never changes.

2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Foundation. I desperately want to be able to apply it with a flawless finish but because my skin is so dry and dehydrated, it just looks terrible and it's such a shame because i have some amazing foundations that i acquired from college that i simply can't use.

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub. This stuff smells incredible. It's fruity and sweet and i genuinely believe that one day it will become edible.

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

 Bronzer is the one product that i really can't find time for. Although i can keep a natural tan with no upkeep, i do relish the idea of being able to add to it but because it's such a ball ache to get right i simply can't be arsed to apply it everytime i get my warpaint on.

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?

Eyeliner is my saving grace when i need to look human but can't be arsed to do the full works. It can transform me from looking like death warmed up to feeling like a million quid, i love it.

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

A decent sense of humour is what i find most attractive. I'm very fortunate that Carl is an extremely funny man and has me laughing on a daily basis. Also eyes are the windows to the soul and again Carl has amazingly beautiful brown eyes. I know i'm biased but Carl is the epitome of attractive in my eyes.

7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?

I would love a bottle of CK One perfume. My dad bought some for my mum years ago and she only used it twice...i ended up using it all up instead and it has to be my favourite scent of all time so that would be a nice little treat.

Alex over at tagged a few of us to do this so i'm tagging everyone else 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hull Fashion Week Catwalk Finale Highlights

Somehow i have managed to not only capture over 300 photos and jot down notes, but also capture 15 videos from The Catwalk Finale. I was on a complete role that day i really was. 

I decided that instead of sharing each video individually, i would blend them all together to make a highlights video of the day. 



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Instagram - 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hull Fashion Week Catwalk Finale // Part 3

The final catwalk of the day was Hull's Unique Boutique Fashion which showcased Hull's hidden fashion gems where boutique and vintage combine including Magpie's Den, Beasley's, Bronx, Chinese Laundry, Hull School Of Art & Design, Bolo & Hugh Rice.

With the day drawing to a close, some of us decided to go and have a look at the pop up market outside

Once back in City Hall we had some more entertainment from EndOfLevelBaddie before Nineties Boy closed the show and announced the end of Hull Fashion Week 2014

The whole experience was amazing and i was so sad when it was over. The atmosphere, the rush and all the excitement that was thrown our way was breathtaking and i'm so thankful for being invited to attend the event. On top of that, even though i have met all the other bloggers before, it was really nice to get to know them better and spend the day with them. 

Here are some extra photos from the day...

If you'd like to have a look at other photo's and events from Hull Fashion Week, you can do so on  Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // Website