Thursday, 8 May 2014

7 Deadly Sins Tag // Beauty

1. GREED: What is your most expensive and inexpensive beauty item?

The most expensive will be my Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. Carl bought me it for Christmas but i know the price tag for it and it wasn't cheap. 

The most inexpensive would be my trusty Collection 2000 kohl eyeliner. I've been using them for years and the price never changes.

2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Foundation. I desperately want to be able to apply it with a flawless finish but because my skin is so dry and dehydrated, it just looks terrible and it's such a shame because i have some amazing foundations that i acquired from college that i simply can't use.

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub. This stuff smells incredible. It's fruity and sweet and i genuinely believe that one day it will become edible.

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

 Bronzer is the one product that i really can't find time for. Although i can keep a natural tan with no upkeep, i do relish the idea of being able to add to it but because it's such a ball ache to get right i simply can't be arsed to apply it everytime i get my warpaint on.

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?

Eyeliner is my saving grace when i need to look human but can't be arsed to do the full works. It can transform me from looking like death warmed up to feeling like a million quid, i love it.

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

A decent sense of humour is what i find most attractive. I'm very fortunate that Carl is an extremely funny man and has me laughing on a daily basis. Also eyes are the windows to the soul and again Carl has amazingly beautiful brown eyes. I know i'm biased but Carl is the epitome of attractive in my eyes.

7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?

I would love a bottle of CK One perfume. My dad bought some for my mum years ago and she only used it twice...i ended up using it all up instead and it has to be my favourite scent of all time so that would be a nice little treat.

Alex over at tagged a few of us to do this so i'm tagging everyone else 

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