Friday, 23 May 2014

Bring Back My Snacks!

Can you remember the very first chocolate bar you ate? What it was called or what it tasted like? Probably not but there are so many snacks from my childhood/youth that i absolutely loved and then as quickly as the appeared, they were taken off the shelves ( Cadbury i'm looking at you )

I thought i would write up a little post about my favourite snacks from years gone by that are sadly no longer with us...all are worthy of a state funeral may i add. See how many you can remember!

Wotsits Wafflers

White chocolate aero

Cadbury Snaps

Ready Salted Chipsticks ( They still make them but are SO hard to find )

Cadbury Asteroids

Cadbury Fuse

Flake Snow

Citrus Polos

3D Doritos

As you can see, Cadbury are the main culprit in pulling some of my favourite snacks off the shelves but they did say that they would talk to their production team and see if they can bring back the Fuse bar and Flake Snow..RESULT! 

Do you remember any of these? I'd love to know what snacks you loved that are no longer around


  1. Fuse bars and flake snows were the best! I also used to love those wotsit waffles! Do you remember the weenie wotsits and whopping wotsits? this post made me smile but also made me really want a flake snow! dammit! x

    1. Yes i do remember them! The whopping wotsits used to make my mouth hurt because they were so big but soooo good! Haha i apologise, go have some cake to compensate x

  2. Omg loved flake snow !
    And 3D doritos!!! and citrus polos !!! and those drinks haha.
    Wow. Why have they gone form my life.


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