Monday, 5 May 2014

Hull Fashion Week Catwalk Finale // Part 1

For those not in the know, Hull hosted a fashion week recently celebrating what Hull has to offer in terms of fashion and beauty. You can see my post from the beauty lock in at Debenhams here

I was invited to blog live from the catwalk finale and what an experience it was. I never thought that i would be asked to contribute to such an exciting event such as this and i was extremely honoured to be there. I didn't manage to blog live as it was far too fast paced and i wanted to capture every moment as it happened instead of trying to look back and remember it all.

The day was packed full of catwalks and entertainment and i have so many photos to share so i will be seperating it into 2 posts. 

  The event was held at Hull City Hall which is an incredible building in the city centre. On arrival we were given lanyards which made us all feel incredibly special ( strange but they really did ). The Bloggers Hub tables were situated at the very front of the catwalk so we had an excellent view and it was great to be with alot of my blogging mates aswell.

To announce the opening of the show, we were all asked to head out onto the balcony of the City Hall which was a little surreal. I felt like a member of the Royal Family

The hosts for the day were Lizzie Rose from Radio Humberside & Luke Chambers aka Nineties Boy

To start off, we had entertainment from the hip hop influenced dancers from Skyline Studios, music from the very talented Kristian Eastwood who sang Michael Buble classics and we were transported back to the 1920s when students performed the Lindy Hop in the fashions of the time including the trumpet skirt & Swing Trousers.

Next up was the first catwalk of the day - Leaders in Hull's Fashion Legacy. The focus of this was to celebrate Hull's fashion triumphs over the last 100 years including names such as Beasley's, Leonard Silver & Hugh Rice Jewelers. 

Next up we had a performance from The Lisa Cannel Dance Academy showcasing fashions of times gone by. ( Sorry for the out of focus picture, they were moving a hell of a lot )

The next catwalk was the one i was covering which was A Contemporary British Summer. This catwalk showcased everything beach and summer wear aswell as the ultimate bridal gowns. The variety of pieces on show was phenomenal.

Denim was a prominent feature in all the looks with many outfits consisting of either a denim jacket or cut offs. Retro floral prints were also heavily involved with fishtail dresses and harem pants captivating the design perfectly. 

So this is part one of the Catwalk Finale. Part 2 will be up soon along with a video of all the highlights of the day.


  1. Hi Kate

    Great to see you again. I know what you mean about fast moving... I have tons of blurred pics ;) Really looking forward to Part 2, didn't realise you'd taken video on the day - cool!

    Curling Stones for Lego People

    1. Hey! Was great to see you too :) The majority of mine are blurred which is really sad but yeah i got 15 videos and i've made one big collab vid from them all so that will be up on wednesday

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