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Job Opportunity To Work With Me // Hull

So this post will only really appeal to anyone living in Hull or East Riding ( my apologies ) 

As most of my close blogging friends know, i work for Humberside Police as an Environmental cleaner. I am currently working alone since the guy i worked with walked out...this was actually a blessing because he was a moaning bastard who had nothing good to say. My manager has asked me to get the word out to see if i can find anyone who would like to work alongside me.

What is the job?

My job title is Periodic & Environmental cleaner. My main job is doing periodic work which involves deep cleaning police stations and any property owned by them. The work includes shampooing carpets, buffing floors, wiping everything down...really easy stuff. But the other side to it, is i generally have to 'cover' for anyone on sick or holiday and that means going to an array of different stations located around Hull, The East Riding & Northern Lincolnshire and emptying bins, cleaning toilets..general cleaning duties really. 

Also in this job, i am what's called 'Immediate Response' and that is when i am called to a cell clean, a crime scene or an emergency.

Cell cleans - Cell cleans are the cells located in police stations and NOT a prison ( very different ) and i can be called out at any point during the day no matter what i'm doing. Cell cleans can range from cleaning up blood to a messy protest which is basically when the prisoner decides to throw shit and piss everywhere.

A crime scene - This is self explanatory. Generally with a crime scene it is organised well in advance and i'm made aware of it with plenty of notice.

Emergency call out - These are usually a burst water cooler, flooded toilet etc but only ever in police stations. We get called in to clean up after the situation has been dealt with by plumbers, electricians etc.

What will you be doing?

You will be coming out on the road with me monday - friday ( you have weekends and bank holidays off ) and you'll be visiting different sites to either do cover work or periodic. Depending on what cover work is on the agenda, will affect how the day pans out so for example, if there is only 1 site that needs cover, then we can go out at any time during the day to get it done but there are occasions when i can be covering up to 7 sites and could be out from 8am. Periodic work generally starts at 4pm and lasts for 4 hours but again this depends on the site because in some stations you can get in earlier. And of course you will be helping me do cell cleans.

What's in it for you?

 In my opinion apart from counselling, this is the best job i've ever done. You are out on the road everyday, you're not stuck in the same shitty office day in day out, you meet so many different people, you experience being in a police custody without being arrested ( very satisfying i may add ) and the pay is great...

Cover work - Minimum wage £6.31 ( going up to £7 in October )
Periodic - £8 per hour
Cell clean, crime scene & specials - £12 per hour get to work with me :D

Are there any cons to the job?
 Unfortunately yes there are a few. What you have to bare in mind with this job is that when you work with the police, you will encounter a few who do look down on you and think they are better than you. This is just one of those things that you have to let go over your head. 99% of them are lovely but there is always one who will make you feel worthless. Also, you will encounter some pretty grim sights including blood, vomit, shit, piss, body tissue..basically alot of unpleasant things so you really need a strong stomach and to look past what you see alot of the time and remember you are there to work.

Do you need any experience?
 No you don't. But you will definitely need a driving license as you will need to share the driving with me ( we drive a Vauxhall Vivaro Van ). You will also have a police vetting check carried out on you. If you've ever had a CRB check then it is similar but alot more in depth where they check to see if you are in an obscene amount of debt or have had any criminal convictions whatsoever. To do this job you need to be squeeky clean. We all have some money worries which isn't a problem but don't apply if you are in over £20,000 worth of debt because you won't get a look in.

Finally what i will say about the job, is that my managers are lovely. They are on the end of the phone all the time and are the nicest people i have ever worked for. Yeah ok they have their bad days we all do but they are genuinely lovely to work for and they leave you alone. Being out on the road is good fun and plus if you work with me you're guaranteed to have a laugh!

So if anyone is interested or know of someone who might fit the bill then please let me know via email -


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