Saturday, 10 May 2014

Keeping Up With The Times // My Daughters Birthday

My beautiful daughter Sarah is turning 11 this month and even though she is still my little girl regardless of age, i have had to readjust to the fact that she is not so little anymore and with each year comes more extravagance and the need to give her an even better birthday than the last. 

Luckily this year she didn't want a massive party but to celebrate by taking two of her closest friends bowling and then for some tea. The frugal side of me is rejoicing at the prospect of not spending a fortune ( even though she is getting her very first phone as her main! ) but then realisation struck when i remembered that when you have a party for your child and their friends, you need to hand out party bags....ugh!

 Remember these bad boys from your youth? I bloody do. The plaggy nastiness of a party bag filled with cheap plastic whistles and rubber finger puppets and the inevitable pack of Parma Violets. Not to mention the soggy piece of birthday cake wrapped in a birthday napkin that would almost certainly leave shards of tissue stuck to the buttercream icing. 

Apart from the fact she is way too old for this style of party bag, i wanted her friends to have something special and after some thought time and a bit of imagination, i came up with this...

A personalised little gift bag, a friendship bracelet and a chocolate lollipop with their names on. So simple yet perfect to hand out to 11 year old girls. What i've learnt from organising 10 birthday parties for Sarah is that it's not about trying to outdo other parents when it comes to party bags. They are meant as a token of thanks for sharing a special day and i personally think this idea is really adorable.


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