Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rant // Bloggers Who Go Too Far

I've been holding back from ranting on my blog or just ranting in general but i've had enough and i need to speak out. I'm sorry if any of you disagree with what i'm about to say but i'm sure there will be a few who completely agree.

Recently, my Twitter feed has been filled with bloggers who are desperately trying to convince others to vote for them in the Company blogger awards. I have absolutely no grievance with the blogger awards themselves as i believe it's good that bloggers actually get some kind of recognition. However, the select few ( or should i say many ) bloggers who are retweeting the same bloody persuasive message over and over and over again is getting completely out of hand.

'Vote for me in the Company blogger awards, go on you know you wanna!'


Why the hell should i vote for someone and their blog because they assume that by retweeting all the time about the fact, it will somehow convince me that they are worthy of winning? This is pressure and i don't like it, plus it makes that individual look desperate and needy, two traits in a human being that i absolutely detest. 

I have voted for one yes ONE  blogger who i feel deserved to be nominated. Why do i feel like this? Because..

1. I read their blog frequently and i enjoy the content
2. They tweeted once about being nominated

If you are up for nomination then by all means, get on social networks and let the world know but to repeat the same fucking pressure induced message every 30 seconds is absolutely appauling. Do you enjoy looking desperate? Well clearly you do otherwise you wouldn't be fucking doing what you're doing! And also, these bloggers put themselves up for nomination. This isn't the BAFTA's or OSCARS where the public think you are worthy, it's your ego making you think you're worthy.

So to sum this up, no i will not vote for you in any blogger award. I'm not going to be forced into voting for you when i have absolutely no reason to. And for future reference, if you want any kind of respect in the blogging world, don't make yourself look like a petulant, greedy little monster because in all fairness you are likely to lose out to someone worthwhile and then all you will do is go trot over to your blog and rant about how it was all a 'fix' blah blah. Put your dummy back in.

Second on the agenda of Operation rant, is bloggers who think that blogging is a competition. 


I genuinely mean this, but if i had a pound for everytime i have seen someone on twitter say ' Oooo i'm 36 away from 200, help me get to my goal'..i wouldn't be working! How the hell is 200 a goal for you? Or if infact, is any number a goal? Yes we all want our blogs to be recognised somehow or other but to do everything in your power to persuade people to follow your blog which in most cases they don't bloody want to, just to make your BlogLovin' account look special? Are you wise?!

I think i've got 220 followers on my blog, i didn't even notice that until i got an email about it because it genuinely is not that important to me. Blogging to me is a little escape where i can talk about what i want, i don't have a specific audience and i couldn't give a shit about stats and facts and figures etc etc. I just do it because i enjoy it!

I will occasionally re-post about a specific post i have done which i believed would be enjoyed by a wider audience such as my 'Hull Accent Explained' post which turned out to be quite popular because it was so true but there are so many people who feed so much shite out about a blog post that i have either read once on there before or it has been done by SO many other bloggers. For example..

Garnier Micellar water. How many reviews do i really want to read about this stuff? Yes i use it and i did a review myself when it very first came out but it has been on the shelves for a very long time now and i'm still seeing reviews about it! Change the fucking record and stop sharing it on Twitter!

I'm going to get a mixed reaction to this post and i'm fine with that but i really had to let off some steam about the subject.

Bloggers, the main point of blogging is to have fun and maybe make some mates along the way. It's not a competition and it's not about boosting your numbers or entering yourself into a blogger award. For christ sake lighten up and enjoy yourself! 



  1. You make me laugh so much !! Love this post! It is true how some bloggers just are too in your face! I'm glad you shared your opinions :)
    Lots of blogger love !!!
    Alex ox.

    1. It's my pleasure haha it had to be done. Love love love xx

  2. LOVE

    - xx


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