Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Room 101 // #2

I've been itching to do round 2 of this for AGES! So many things have pissed me off lately and they deserve to be sent head first into room 101.

Katie Hopkins

This woman is pure poison. If you don't know who she is, she was a contestant on The Apprentice and has gone on to slate every single celebrity that she can get her venomous teeth into. I'm all for freedom of speech but this woman is evil personified. When she was on This Morning, she said ' I don't like giving children geographical location names such as Brooklyn & London ', Phillip Schofield went on to say ' But your daughter is called India?! '.. Katies response was ' But it's not related to a location '. ERM WHAT?! She can hand out criticism like smarties but can't take it herself, the poisonous COW!

Drivers who neglect their car indicators

Being on the road everyday for my job, i come across this all the time. Those people who drive the magic cars that send us other drivers a message that they are about turn turn left/right/overtake etc. YOU DON'T HAVE A MAGIC FUCKING CAR! There is absolutely no excuse for not using your indicators! If you can smoke, eat, drink, mess with your phone ( you shouldn't be anyway ) then you can flick your bloody indicator up or down and let us know what you are doing! Into room 101 you go, you twats!


My boyfriend loves his sport. Fishing, football, pool. All three of those i can live with but cricket is one sport i can't abide but he loves it. It's so boring! The points system makes no sense, all these overs and wickets and as for the ashes? They pretty much declare war for an egg cup full of barbecue remnants? Come on now.


An odd choice i know but i speak for womankind when i say that wearing a bra is one of our least favourite things in life. There is nothing better than taking your bra off at the end of the day..tell me i'm wrong! I bet you all feel the same. One day i hope there is an alternative for them because they're uncomfortable, restricting and stupid end of.

Happy - Pharrell 

 I'm sorry it's come to this Pharrell but i have no choice. This song is being played at least every 30 minutes on the radio every single day and i'm loosing the will to live because of it. I really don't mind Pharrell and i really liked this song the first couple of times but my god enough already! I was happy but now i'm really sad

Katy Perry  

 I'm afraid her time has come and she has to be banished into room 101. I am sick to the back teeth of hearing 'Roar' & 'Dark Horse' on the radio, it's literally frying up what brain cells i have left. I used to love Katy Perry and her music, i loved that she was so edgy but it's just so overdone now and instead of keeping her locked away forever, just maybe keep her locked up for a year or so, so that i can get these annoying bloody songs of hers out of my head!


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