Friday, 9 May 2014

The Hull Accent Explained

After nearly 28 years on this planet, i'm still surprised at how many people can't understand the Hull accent or even more bizarrely, don't even know where Hull is! Hull is a small city in comparison to the more well known areas such as London & Manchester but come on! Did you know that the Germans thought Hull was London during the war and it was the second worst bombed city in the UK? Well now you know. Anyway....

The Hull accent is one of the more bizarre accents that England has to offer. It has tinges of Yorkshire running through it but like the Geordie & Scouse accent, the Hull version is a language all it's own. So i'm going to explain our accent and the slang we use so in future if you ever have the honour of meeting us Hull, you'll be able to not only understand us but have a good old natter back!

The Inability to pronounce the letter T

 If you have a strong Hull accent like mine, you have a mental block when it comes to pronouncing your T's. For example, my birth name is Katy but in Hull we would say ' Kay'ee '. If we try to pronounce the letter T, we sound ridiculous and like we're mocking well spoken folk. 

Replacing I with A

The only time we really use 'I' instead of A is when the word begins with said letter including  Icecream or Imagine. But 99% of the time we replace I with A. For example, if you were to speak the word 'Nineteen Ninety Nine' ( as in 1999 the year ) you would pronounce the I whereas in Hull we would say ' Narnteen Narnety Narn '. Or the number five, we would say 'Farve '. 

 Saying MA instead of MY

 You don't really think about how many times you say a specific word on a daily basis but i would say the word 'MY' is used more than most. In Hull we don't so much have an issue with the letter Y just pronouncing it in the word MY.  Instead we say MA. For example, you would say ' I left MY keys at home '. We would say ' I left MA keys at home.

Hull Vs 'Ull

Finally we come to the pinacle of the Hull Accent...speaking the name itself. You will not meet anyone from here that says Hull, we all say 'Ull. Deliberately leaving the H out of the word is something we do on a regular basis, it's almost religious. Also to tie in with this, we rarely pronounce our H's either!

 Slang Words & Sayings // Items

Croggy - A croggy is when you let a second person sit or stand on the rear end of a bike while you cycle. ' Giving someone a croggy '

Pattie - A pattie is an item of food you will only ever find in Hull fish & chip shops. It's a deep fried cake made from mash and herbs. If you go to any fish and chip shop outside of Hull and ask for a Pattie, they won't have a clue what you're talking about

Ten Foot - A 10 foot is a name we use to describe an alleyway behind buildings.

Err Nerr - Which means ' Oh No '

Bullyvard - This represents 'Boulevard' which is the old stomping ground for Hull City 

Diddy Farndowt - 'Did he find anything?'

Mafted/Mafting - We say this when it's too hot 

Chip Spice - This is a mixture of different herbs and spices that we put on chips. I'm not sure if this is sold elsewhere but i'm pretty sure it's indigenous to Hull

Ey Up There! - A common greeting we use which basically means ' Hello '

Pushhog - A bike

Larking out - Playing out with friends

I had such a laugh writing this out. All my Hull mates will appreciate the humour behind our accent. So the next time you visit Hull ( please do it's a nice place! ) try use some of these words and go and ask for a Pattie Buttie at the chippy!







  1. We are a special kind of species, us Hullensians!

    Sian x

    1. We are indeed and we should be appreciated for being so damn epic!

      Kate x

  2. Which bit of Hull are you from? I'm from West Hull and have never heard Croggy -Mafted/Mafting - Ey Up There, Pushhog or Larking out.

  3. Ees bombed out im. Meaning: he is mentally impaired him!

  4. Siling down - raining heavy.

    Bane - child.

  5. Never heard of pushhog its push bike my 88 year old mother or any of her elderly sisters have heard of this expression as a hull saying either


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