Monday, 30 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 30 - Your Hopes For Your Blog

I guess i have the same hopes as every other blogger. I'm not the egotistical type to say that i only blog with the hope i can make a career out of it ( and for the record, the people who think that are delusional ). No, i just want me blog to carry on the way it is and just improve over time. If anything good comes from it then fantastic but that's not the aim of my game. 

Also i would like to make more friends through blogging ( i guess that's a hope right? ) I have already made some fantastic and life long friends through this avenue and i love them all but there is always space for more lovely people to come into my world and share it with me.

So that completes The 30 Day Blogging Challenge! Wow i didn't actually think it was acheiveable with having such a busy life but bugger me i surprised myself by completing it. I've really enjoyed doing it as it gave me the opportunity to share more about me as a person but to also keep my blog alive because i've been able to schedule 99% of the posts. And reading other posts has been really interesting too. Bring on the next challenge!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 29 - A Confession

Haha this is the perfect opportunity to confess my sins and the majority of people they are about will never know because they don't read my blog. Excellent...

Mrs Dennett ( My English teacher from school ) - Do you remember that time when we were learning about Romeo & Juliet and you made us watch the old school version of the film? Well when the part came on where Romeo takes the poison,It was me who shouted out ' You pathetic bastard ' never did find out who it was Haha.

Rachel Townend ( A frenemy from school ) - At one point during our many rifts, we ended up having to sit at the same table in the canteen because we didn't have a choice. When you walked over to get a second helping of food, it was me who put a slab of cake into your coke can and seeing your face when you took a swig was priceless. You fucking deserved it that day you bitch.

Mum - It was me who broke the lid of the bread bin all them years ago, not dad. Sorry

To the owner of that car - That car park was ridiculously small and i was surpised i managed to reverse the van into that tiny space. Unfortunately i underestimated how hard it was to get out of it and i slightly knocked your car. You haven't found out so let's pretend it never happened yeah?


Saturday, 28 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 28. Your Most Embarrassing Moment

Do you know what? I had to stop myself for a minute before writing this because i was so unsure about sharing some of my most embarrassing stories but then i thought fuck it, if you can't laugh at yourself then others will never laugh with you..then again...what if you all laugh at me? Shit...

#1 - Sex education at school. Do you know where i'm going with this one? Haha!! When i was at school, sex education wasn't a part of our curriculum until we were 14 and by that point, the majority of my year were banging away and one lass was even pregnant so we were all pretty 'in tune' with the whole sex and puberty thing. Anyway, being the class joker, i was the one to make everyone laugh so during one lesson, we were shown how to put a condom on, only we were using a cucumber ( oh god i'm giggling so much writing this ). I threw the cucumber and started to blow the condom up while the teachers back was turned. I planned to stop before it burst but mother nature had other ideas guessed it, it burst and a piece of the condom landed on the teachers arm. I was embarrassed but everyone found it hilarious and looking back, so do i. 

#2 - I was on a girls holiday with my mates in Blackpool just after we finished school to celebrate the end of our GCSEs and luckily at the time, we all looked old enough to get served in bars. As was to be expected, we got absolutely mortal (drunk) and decided to carry on drinking back at the caravan. I can't remember much of the night but in the morning, i woke up to the sound of laughter, my head was pounding so i assumed i was dreaming or halucinating. Until i opened my eyes properly to see myself and my mate Emma surrounded by our mates outside and they were all laughing at us. I picked myself up and saw that we had fallen asleep outside on a sun lounger only our skirts had risen right up and our arses were on show for the whole bloody campsite to ogle at! Emma still blushes about it but i took it all in my stride haha.

#3 -Having a mum who is pretty much a genius, i learnt to speak french from an early age and over the years it's got to the stage where i can hold a full blown conversation in the language. However, when i was about 13 on our annual holiday to France, i was not bad but still learning the lingo. On a trip to the supermarche ( a french supermarket ), my mum asked me to go get some cheese and meat from the deli counter. Time to put my skills to the test i thought. I approached the lady at the counter and asked her in french ' Could i have a piece of the jalapeno cheese and some slices of salami '. When i did, she gave me the strangest look and started laughing. She replied with ' reessayez et reflechir a ce que vous dites
 ' which basically means try again but think about what you just said. After a couple of minutes i registered that i had infact asked her if i could have a slice of dog cheese and 500 slices of windows ' !! I got what i wanted in the end but let's just say my french was greatly improved after that.

Friday, 27 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 27 - Celebs That Piss Me Off

Those of you who are doing the 30 day blogging challenge will see that i have steered away from the original post of 'What's in your closet' simply because it's boring. I share the wardrobe with Carl so one side is his, the other is mine. It's full of clothes and shoes. Big wow! So i've decided to alter things slightly and create my own day 27 post. 

 Bruno Mars

I don't so much have an issue with Bruno as a person as i'm sure he's a decent bloke but his songs are absolutely appauling! They all sound the same and have the same vibe to them and his voice goes right through me. Everytime one of his songs come on the radio i will turn it off, i don't even have to think about it.

Lee Evans

This guy drives me mad. He's in no way funny and i just want to punch him. Carl thinks he's hilarious but i find him irritating. 

Cheryl Cole
If there was any celeb in the world where fame has gone to their head, it's Cheryl. I absolutely love Geordies and have mates who live up there that are sound but this Geordie is one of the most irritating, big headed twats going. Oooo she had her face on a can of god you really are taking you career to new levels aren't you. Just piss off Cheryl!
Alexandra Burke

She missed out on being in the live finals of the X Factor, came back the following year and she won. To me that just screams bullshit but oh my god this woman!!! Her songs are shocking and are like something you write up on the back of a beer mat when you're pissed.

Lorne Spicer

Back when Sarah was little and i was a stay at home mum, day time TV was pretty prominent and with it came all the Antique auction shows. One of them was hosted by this cow, Lorne Spicer. She has irritated me for years even though she hasn't been on the box for a while. She's got the most false laugh i've ever heard and i HATE people who have a false laugh. Her smile was fake too...probably to hide the fact she was up to her eyeballs in debt at the time. ARGH annoying!!!

James Blunt

He can't sing. End of

Tanya Burr

I know there are alot of people who love Tanya but i'm not one of them. I applaud the fact she has made a name for herself and has worked from the bottom up but my god doesn't she know how well she's doing! In everyone elses vlogs, she has to make sure she is in it somewhere. It's like she craves the limelight. Also another thing that really bugs me about this girl is that she is forever needing clarification from her fiance Jim. If Tanya says she had a cup of tea, she will tell the camera then say ' Didn't i Jim? ' She always has to get what she has just said verified by the bloke and it's so excessive. Sorry i don't want to offend anyone but Tanya Burr really fucks me off. Her needy attitude annoys the shit out of me.

Kim Kardashian

This woman is not even worth a caption. It's pretty evident how i feel about here seeing as i chucked her arse into room 101 #Pointlesswoman

Jeremy Kyle

Finally we come to Jezza. This guy has real issues in my book. He gets a kick out of other peoples torment and i think it's a disgrace. When you're a counsellor, you sit and listen to your client without judgement and you NEVER interrupt them. This guy is the polar opposite. He interrupts EVERYONE who is a guest, he has criticism for everything even without the facts and he is incredibly judgemental of people before even getting to know them. He is an over opinionated arrogant little man who really grinds my gears. He's so damn rude! If someone is nervous on stage he will say ' Ignore the audience they should be at work '..if it wasn't for that audience he wouldn't have a sodding show! He emphasises the need for audience members yet when they're there he has a go at them? Talk about contradicting! What an absolute dickhead.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 26. Your Hidden Talent

I have always believed that i am a genetic freak and i was created in a science lab somewhere because i have so many hidden talents that i'm scared to mention them all, incase the men in white come and take me away!

I can roll my tongue

I can wiggle my ears

I can twitch my nose

I can bend my thumbs back over the top of my hands

I can wiggle my little toe without moving the others

I can play the piano ( very well, not to blow my own trumpet but i really can )

I can fix computers

I can fix cars ( to a degree )

I'm really good at problem solving. For example..the other week, i dropped the van key down a drain in Immingham. I couldn't move the grate to get to it but it took me about 4 seconds to think of a solution. I went inside the police station and took the handle off a bucket so i could scoop it out. Genius! If you ever need a problem solving, i'm your girl.

I'm a very fast runner ( despite my size )

I can hold my breath under water for 2 minutes give or take

I can read backwards & upside down

If you don't hear from me again, word got out and i'm locked up in an asylum.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 25. Your Biggest Regret

Ah, unfortunately i have a few. I wish i could live a life without them but that's just not the case. I was young once and my god i made some mistakes so i best get them out in the open, might make me feel a bit better.

1. Sully ( my friend who i mentioned in my 20 facts about me post ) tragically died from Leukemia which he battled against for 15 months. Although i spent pretty much every day by his side, i still had so much more to tell him before he passed away and one of those things was that i loved him and i was thankful for the 19 years of friendship he had given me. I also regret that he isn't around to see his beautiful daughter Casey growing up, or to meet Carl. Before he died, he told me that i had to find myself a decent bloke who would look after me until the day i died, i have and he isn't around to see that for himself. More so, i regret that due to me having a health condition at the time and not being a direct relative, i was unable to donate bone marrow that could have saved him, that still haunts me to this day.

2. I also mentioned that my dear dad passed away a month after Sully, very suddenly. Me and my dad were so alike and used to fight like cat and dog but i loved him so much and i never got the chance to tell him that before he died. I'm so greatful that he got the opportunity to be a grandad and watched Sarah grow up for 4 years but i regret that he isn't around to see her now, all grown up and about to start secondary school. I miss him an undescribable amount. 

3. I do regret the day i started smoking. I was 13, on holiday in Greece with my parents and my mum asked me to throw her tab end over the balcony. Curiosity got the better of me and i gave it a try and i was smoking from then up until last year. I can't imagine how bad i smelt and how much money i wasted on it.

4. I so wish i had met Carl sooner, we've both said it..well he said it first haha. My god i have had my share of bad relationships with men that didn't deserve me. I regret that i didn't meet Carl sooner but thank god i have him now and i can spend the rest of my life with him making up for the years we didn't have each other.

5. When i was with my daughters biological dad, i stupidly let him force me into getting a tattoo with his name on. I fucking hate it but i was under a lot of pressure from him to do it and when you are in a violent relationship, you fear the reaction if you don't do what they want. I was once tempted to get a razor blade and physically cut away the flesh so the tattoo would go. But when i have saved up enough money, i am getting it lasered off, thank god it's only small.

Hopefully i will never have any more regrets in my life. A life filled with regret, isn't worth living.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 24. What Attracts You (In Love)

I'm going to be completely biased here and basically describe my boyfriend Carl because to me, he is the epitome of perfection in my eyes.

Even before i met Carl, if would tell my friends that a brilliant sense of humour was the most attractive aspect of a man. Carl has me howling with laughter every single day and i'm not joking. Even his laugh sets me off. 

Aside from the sense of humour, he is everything that i have dreamed of. He's absolutely fucking sexy as hell for a start! His eyes are dark brown which are just mmmmm. No Kate, don't go on about his gorgeous looks. You know he's beautiful so shut up.

Another trait that i find attractive about him is that he is incredibly sensitive when it comes to me. We do crack jokes at each others expense but when i am really upset, worried or just generally feeling like crap, he will go out of his way to comfort me and make sure that i'm alright. He is forever saying that if any bloke did anything to me, he would kill them and i actually think he really means that haha. He is incredibly protective of me and i love that about him.

I won't go on, but to me, Carl is everything and the most perfect man in the world and i love him so so so much. He is without a doubt, my soul mate.

Monday, 23 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 23. If You Won The Lottery

The infamous ' If you won the lottery ' question. I hope you're ready for this people because there is alot i would do. Let's say for argument sake i won 100 million, then i'm free to say the following without worrying about being skint haha.

1. Handouts to the family - I have always said that this would be the first thing i would do when the cheque cleared. Carl's parents and my mum would get 2 million each, our siblings would get a million each and i would put money into a trust fund for mine and Carl's 2 nieces and 5 nephews. Sarah would get a million pounds put into a trust fund and she would have an allowance once she reaches 13.

2. Pay off our debts - Me and Carl are far from being up to our ears in it but we do have bills that need paying and have some debts to pay off. I would clear all of them so that we never had to worry about them.

3. Do up the house and gardens - Frankly, i'm fed up decorating and gardening is my least favourite chore of all. I would pay decorators to come in and redo the whole house aswell as fit a whole new bathroom, an outside office for me and a loft conversion. Also i would hire landscapers to give my mum the garden of her dreams. Not to mention getting the front one paved over so we have a proper driveway of our own and not a shared one.

4.  A massive family holiday - Carl went on holiday with his family to Lanzarote last year, i couldn't go because it was during term time and of course i couldn't take Saz out of school. It's been 7 years since i went abroad and i miss the feeling of the sun on my face. I would take both of our families on a massive holiday somewhere hot. Me, Carl, Saz, My Mum & all of Carl's family together, it would be amazing.

5. Take Saz to Disney World - I have made this promise to Saz for so long now and to go there costs a fortune but if money wasn't a problem, i would take her to Florida for a full 2 weeks of Disney madness. 

6. Take Carl shopping - Carl really loves his fishing and there are so many things that he wants but the price range is well out of our budget. I would take him shopping and let him buy whatever he wanted, including the infamous £3000 fishing pole he so desperately wants at the minute.

7. Mother and daughter shopping trip - I have sacrificed what money i have and spent it on Sarah and i have done since the day she was born. If money was so freely available to me, i would take her shopping in London and after she got everything she could possibly want, i would indulge myself for the first time in god knows how long and buy everything in sight without worrying how much money i would have for the rest of the week. It would be amazing to be able to do that.

8. Quit my job - I have debated this one before when i've been asked this question but in this job i'm in right now, i would definitely quit. I always thought that i would be bored rigid but no, i wouldn't. I would do blogging and YouTube and i would be incredibly happy doing so.

9. Donate to animal, childrens and cancer charities - This is very important to me. I would donate a million pounds to RSPCA, RSPB and cat charities. A million pounds would go to NSPCC and a million pounds would go to Cancer Research UK which is a cause very close to my heart.

10. Trips to New York & Paris with Carl - We rarely get any proper time together. We are either working, keeping Saz entertained or too skint. I would love for us to go to Paris which is one of the most beautiful places in the world and somewhere i dream of going back to ( i went when i was 5 with my parents but was too young to appreciate it ) and a trip away to New York, my dream destination. Just some me and him time in romantic cities would be absolutely amazing. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 22. Your Worst Habits

I wish i didn't have any bad habits but i would be lying through my teeth haha. Oh dear, i'm feeling the shame bubbling to the surface.

1. Smoking - Well i gave up proper smoking in August 2013 and i now use an e-cig but i would still class it as a bad habit. When i fall pregnant, i will stop using it altogether as an incentive and hopefully, that will help me quit for good.

2. Chewing the skin around my nails - This is a habit i picked up from my mum when i was little. I don't bite my nails at all but the skin around them really gets on my nerves and i chew it off. It's disgusting i know and when i get a bath, i can see where i've been biting. It's unpleasant but very compulsive.

3. Not drinking enough water - I have loved Robinsons orange squash since i was a toddler and i drink it all the time but i have it really weakly diluted. It's pretty much drinking flavoured water but i really need to start drinking water as it comes, it does wonders for my skin.

4. Procrastinating - I'm an absolute bugger for doing this. When i clean the house, i will clean a room and then go sit at the laptop for an hour before i do another one. It's a habit i really have to get out of because it's so none productive.

5. Popping spots - Yes ok it's nasty but it's sooooooo satisfying! I have a special spot stick which has a metal loop at the end which removes spots without any pain or scarring and it's one of the best investments i've ever made. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 21. What Makes You Sad?

I wish i didn't have to do this one but unfortunately there are quite a few things that upset me

Animal Cruelty

Bad Drivers







My Aunt Joan ( A complete and utter poisonous bitch )

Having a cold

My family being poorly

People who don't like cats..what's wrong with you?!

Friday, 20 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 20. What Makes You Happy?

Sooo many things make me happy, i'm easily pleased coming to think of it.

My Mum ( When she's not nagging at me )

My Daughter Sarah

My Boyfriend Carl

My Cats - Tia & Maria


New Shoes


Full Battery

Soft Furnishings

Weekends & Bank Holidays

Thursday, 19 June 2014

An Unconventional Birthday ''Wish List''

On the 28th of June, i'll be 28 years old. I've got some beautiful symmetry going on this year with numbers.

Anyway, all too often i see posts about what people want for their upcoming birthdays and when i see them i think to myself 'are you for real'? They want Jo Malone candles and £500 pairs of's your birthday not your fucking coronation! 

For the past 7 years or so, every Christmas and birthday i am asked what i would like present wise and believe me when i say this, there is absolutely nothing i want and i have to really look for something for someone to buy me just so they can say they did buy me something, it's a vicious cycle! I struggled to just think of 2 things i wanted this year...a 64gb memory card and the Christmas specials of Jonathan Creek! Haha

So instead of having physical presents on my wishlist, i would rather have some of my wishes come to fruition instead.

Wish #1 - Get pregnant

Yes ok so i may have over done this and mentioned it in a lot of my posts but this one wish is the one i want to come true so badly. As you all know, i have a beautiful daughter who is now 11 and she is my world. But i'm so ready for another and i have been for a long time now. Me & Carl have been disappointed every month and i just want that bloody pregnancy test to show up positive at least before 2014 comes to an end if not by next month.

Wish #2 - Ease up the migraines

Migraines have been the bane of my life since my early teens and after countless check ups and every migraine medication under the sun, i still haven't found anything that will get rid of them instantly. I just wish they would fuck off!

Wish #3 - Getting a break at work

My job is very demanding and i have a supervisor who pulls a sicky at least once a week which leaves me with a stupid amount of sites to cover. At the end of a working day i'm exhausted and i can't wind down because before i know it, i have a text come through saying there is a cell clean on south bank. I just want a day or even better a week where no one asks me to do any extra work.

Wish #4 - Getting paid travel

I get paid per job i do but i don't get paid for the travel to and from destinations and sometimes, i'm driving upwards of 100 miles a day. It has been a real grievance with the fleet of the company for a long time now. I wish that they would listen to us and start paying for all the bloody driving we do.

Wish #5 - Going away before Christmas

Carl better be reading this because this is aimed at him. I desperately want to have a weekend away somewhere ( preferably London ) just before Christmas. Wether he will make that happen or not i don't know but it's in his hands.

Wish #6 - Saz enjoying Secondary school

Our Sarah starts year 7 at secondary school this year and she's so nervous which is how we all felt when going up to ''big'' school. I wish that everything goes ok for her and she really enjoys it.

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 19. Your Favourite Movie

There is no possible way that i can only choose one so you guessed it, i'm going to name a few...

Twilight ( All of them )

Hell yeah i'm a Twilight fan. I love love love the franchise. When it was all hyped up, i had no interest whatsoever then one night i couldn't sleep, banged the tv on and the very first one was on channel 4, i gave it a watch and i was completely hooked. I've read all the books and i watch the films all the time. Still trying in vain to get Carl to watch them with me though.

Drop Dead Fred 

If you are a child of the 80s/90s then you will know that Drop Dead Fred is one of the best films of all time and it's an all time favourite of mine and my daughter loves it too. Rik Mayall is a very funny man and in Drop Dead Fred he was superb. The film never gets old and i still laugh hysterically when he traps his head in the fridge door.

The Holiday

Me and mum love this film. It's what i like to call ' My Feel Good Movie ' because i know that no matter how shit i'm feeling or if i'm down in the dumps, i can put this on and instantly feel better. The 4 main characters are played by some of my favourite actors ( Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law & Jack Black ). It's funny, heart warming and like a big squishy hug.


Inception is incredible, there is no other type of film to compare it to. If you've never seen it before, you really should. I expected it to be shit i won't lie but after watching it, i watched it again straight away and i rarely feel like that with films. My favourite character has to be Eames ( The one holding the gun ) He is hilarious.

Harry Potter ( All of them )

Of course i love Harry Potter, it's amazing! I live in the hope that my letter for Hogwarts is lost in the post somewhere and will arrive shortly. If i was to be put in any of the houses, i reckon i would be a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, one of the lesser cared about houses. I must admit i did cry when Dobby died. J.K Rowling, you really went too far killing Dobby off, just too damn far. 

Abigails Party

This is actually a film from the 70s so it was before my time but my parents were watching it one night when i was younger and i was completely hooked by it. It's about this woman called Abigail who is hosting a little party with her husband and invites the neighbours round. She starts to flirt with her neighbours husband, then her own husband has a heart attack..oh it's just one disaster after another but it's so brilliantly written and Alison Steadman portrays Abigail in such a brilliant light. It's well worth a watch if you like tongue in cheek.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 18. A Photograph Of Yourself

Hmmm again i don't really understand the point of this one so i'll hazard a guess that it is my favourite photo of myself? Fuck it, that's what i'm rolling with...

Yes Yes Yes i know i'm not riding solo in this picture, but it is my favourite one. This photo of me and Carl was taken on Valentines Day 2014 when we stayed at a hotel for the night and went out on the piss. It was a strange experience because both of us used to love nights out when we were younger, but when we looked around and saw all the young folk and underage chavvy little tarts getting hammered around us, we realised that we were so past getting hammered and at around midnight, we grabbed a kebab and went back to the hotel haha. 

I do love this photo of us both, me and Carl both hate having our pictures taken but when we both get one together or there is one of us with Sarah, they always come out really nice. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 17. Your Favourite Blogs

When i saw this on the list, i got really excited because i've been dying to tell the world about my favourite bloggers but didn't really want to do a post about it. Now i have an excuse!

Alex is my favourite blogger. I met her at the Hull Bloggers Meet and we clicked instantly. I have met her a few times since and we've definitely struck up a really good friendship. She's one of my favourite people in the world and her blog makes me smile, it's such a happy place! Plus she knows her stuff when it comes to make up and skincare, if you ever need advice on what colour concealer is best for you or what you need for bad skin, talk to Alex.

Courtney is one of the nicest lasses i have ever met. Her pin up style is amazing and i can see why she got compared to Paloma Faith. She talks about all kinds of things on her blog from retro and vintage fashion to body issues. I love reading her posts, there is always something different.

Unfortunately, i don't know this lass to speak to her but i have been following her blog for a while now and it's such a nice place! She's all about crafts and crochet and makes the most fantastic items such as this strawberry scarf she is wearing in the photo and hair clips shaped like doughnuts! She's very clever at what she does and i love having a look at her new creations.

I sat next to Jade at the Hull Bloggers meet and was another girl that i instantly clicked with. We have so much in common and i have alot of admiration for her. She has 2 blogs, one is her beauty blog and the other is all about her weight loss journey. It's so interesting reading about her beauty reviews one minute, then go and read about a low cal but tasty recipe she has come up with.  

 Ahhh Charley. This girl knows about beauty better than most and i know that if i need a push to go and raid a charity shop for serious bargains, she is the girl i would take with me. She is so lovely and is the kind of lass who never sees the bad in anyone. Plus she's excellent at blog header design, her skills know no bounds.

 I've got to say i'm a massive fan of Lucy's blog and she is one of the most genuine people i have ever met. She has the most incredibly funky style and i really love her way of thinking. Her blog makes me smile because it's so laid back and you can genuinely see that she is just writing for her and not for anyone else which i love.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Good Enough To Eat - Food Jewellery

Unfortunately the title isn't as black and white as it would seem, i have not found or invented edible jewellery as awesome as that sounds but i have definitely found the next best thing in the form of...

Most evenings when i'm window shopping on the internet, i get sucked into a vortex of some sort wether it be shoes or soft furnishings. But when i was having a look around for some unique and interesting jewellery, i stumbled across this website and was really intrigued by the food jewellery title on the logo. When i clicked on the link, i found the most amazing assortment of jewellery ranging from rings to necklaces and everything else in between that had miniature food items on them.



Each item has a specific scent generally matching that of what it is so for example, the blueberry muffin necklace smells of, you guessed it, blueberry muffins! 

This is just a small selection of what is on offer on the website and i love all of them! Prices range around the $22 mark ( around £13 ) which i think is very reasonable considering these are very detailed pieces and with the added scent, i think they're a steal!

When the next pay day comes round, i am definitely making a little purchase and i have my eye on that snow cone necklace, seriously how amazing does it look?!

If you want to go and have a look for yourself, the website is

** Disclaimer : The logo and all images are from the website. I do not own them nor have any rights to them and are using them for blogging purposes **