Sunday, 1 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 1. Your Blogs Name

I'm assuming that this means the reason behind the name? Well i'm hoping it is anyway. 

When i decided to restart my blog, i wanted to have a play on words as the name. I actually sat up in bed at night with my notebook writing down ideas, let's just say it wasn't easy to concentrate with Carl snoring in my ear. 

The idea finally came to me when i was randomly browsing Ebay and in the side bar there was a pirates costume being sold. Then a million lightbulbs started flashing and i got my faithful notebook back out.

I knew that my blog would be more lifestyle than anything else and would involve alot of different elements and to tie in with the pirate inspiration, i decided on Pieces of Kate ( as in pieces of eight? ) It just worked for me straight away and i knew that if i was to ever get my name out there, it would be memorable. And Voila! Pieces Of Kate was born



  1. I love your blog name - it's short, snappy, memorable and fits it like a glove!

    Mars xx

    1. Mars, you always have the nicest things to say. Thankyou :)


  2. Trust you to come up with a little quirky name from a pirate costume haha a !! Im glad your doing this too we can cheer each other on ;) xxxx


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