Tuesday, 10 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 10. Best Trip Of Your Life

Argh i so wish i had the photos from this trip to show you all but my mate Shell has them. So i'll just try to describe it as best i can.

Shell and i met at college and we clicked instantly. Just before Christmas 2006, we decided to go on a day trip shopping in Leeds without the kids. 

We had planned everything from the time we were getting the train, to which shops we would go to and even where we would eat.

The whole day was amazing. We had such a laugh walking around the shops and being offered a free manicure was pretty decent and to top it all off, it was snowing and we were sliding around everywhere haha.

I wish i had the photos to show you as there as some classic funny snaps but it was the most amazing trip ever. I've been on so many great holidays with my family and have amazing memories but that day was definitely one of the best and i miss them. Shell has now moved temporarily to Cork in Ireland with her family as her husband is building a hospital over there and i miss her :(

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