Wednesday, 11 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 11. 10 Favourite Foods

Do you really expect me to pick only 10 of my favourite foods? Decision making is too much of a struggle at the best of times but picking 10 foods? You're killing me here!

1. Chicken Dinner - More specifically, the one my mum makes. Roast chicken, roasties, Yorkshire puds, mashed swede, carrots, savoy cabbage, peas, stuffing, roasted parsnips and gravy. Mmmmm

2. Crisps - They are my vice. I love all types except for salt & vinegar ( cue the gasps ) but my favourite type of crisps has to be Wotsits

3. Calamari - Oooo yeah i lurve me some squid haha. People should really give calamari a try if they are squeamish about squid because it looks like onion rings. It's so good with a squeeze of lemon and the greeks make this amazing dip to go with it that's real tangy. Aw it's just so good!

4. Cake - Cake makes the world a better place in my opinion. I make a mean chocolate orange cake that is Carl's favourite

5. Parsnips - I absolutely love these things. When you roast them with a little bit of oil, they go all caramelised and sweet and have the texture of roast potatoes. They are amazing, i could eat them all day everyday

6. Doner Kebab - I know how unhealthy this is but when you have been out on the lash or are seriously hungover, the only thing that will make you feel better is a doner kebab. I just have it plain with chips and a shit load of chip spice

7. Curry - Me and mum always crave curry even if we had it the day before. We always have madras which is so good. The hottest curry i have ever had was a phal and that blew my head off..well it is the hottest you can get. When we get a take out curry, i'll have a lamb bhuna, pilau rice and onion bahjees 

8.  Pomegranate - I love fruit but pomegranate seeds are my favourite. I prefer to buy them already prepared so i don't have to faff about smacking the pomegranate in the hope they will all fall out. They taste sweet and tangy and give you an instant lift. Super food!

9. Lamp chops - I was introduced to these by my parents when on holiday in Greece along time ago and i have loved them ever since. I never eat the fat on most meats but the fat on a lamb chop goes crispy when it's cooked and it's incredibly moreish. The only problem is, they're incredibly expensive over here so we rarely buy them which is such a shame

10. Bacon - Bacon is the saviour of all English kind in my firm opinion. The smell of when it's cooking just lures you in and instantly makes you feel better. Carl makes the best bacon butties ever


  1. I was drooling while reading this - I need a roast dinner, crisps and bacon, pronto! Mmm.. great post! :)

    Lauren x

    1. You and me both! It took me ages to write it up because i was daydreaming about everything haha. Have a bacon sarnie and come round to mine on sunday for a roast lol

      Kate xx


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