Friday, 13 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 13. What's Inside Your Fridge?

What an odd idea for a post! Why on earth would anyone be interested in the contents of my fridge? Well, i guess i'll find out when this post goes live!

 Just as a side note. We have had this fridge for over 14 years and it's never broke down. Just saying

 So first up is the top shelf. We have a massive chicken which will be getting roasted as soon as. I think next to it is a bottle of tonic water ( not sure why ) Mine & Carls Jagermeister and 2 bottles of white wine that we're leaving for guests. They're from Christmas..wh00ps

 On the next shelf we have 2 packets of bacon. We ALWAYS have bacon in the fridge it's a staple. A dribble of pepsi, some cans of Strongbow dark fruit which is MINE! Get that? MINE! A solitary can of Fosters and some John Smiths.

 God ok erm we have some squirty cream, half a bag of salad leaves, a gammon joint, some ham, half a cucumber, a mahoosive box of eggs, some horrible synthetic dairylea cheese slices which are Carls, some sausages ( Richmond, naturally ) and some greek style cherry muller corner yoghurts.

 I assure you we are not a family of raging alcoholics haha. Yet more Fosters & dark fruit Strongbow and some cheese.

 Onto the door now, we have some suet and some mayonnaise which could probably do with chucking out

And finally, we have my mums insulin pens which for some reason must be kept in the fridge. Some banana and strawberry milk for his lordship ( Carl ), some normal milk, half a tin of cat food and....a bottle of cider. Again i promise you we are not raging alcoholics haha.

Well that's my fridge tour! If you fancy coming round for some gammon and cider one night, feel free to come and visit lol.

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  1. YOU ARE AN ALCOHOLIC !!! HAHA. And you seem to love meat ?
    Why do you keep cat food in your fridge ? that minggging haha.

    Also PLEASE turn your bloody captcha thing off for comments cause it annoys me daily !!!!
    Much Love ox.


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