Saturday, 14 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 14. 3 Healthy Habits

Healthy habits? Have you seen me recently? Ugh, needs must i suppose..

1. Vitamins - I take vitamins daily. I take Pregnacare Vitabiotics which have loads of nutrients to help you conceive. Berocca because i generally need a bloody good lift in the morning & Vitamin B12 because i've taken it ever since my dancing days. Old habits die hard with that one.

2. Vegetables  - I love veg and i eat it pretty much everyday. My favourite vegetables have to be parsnips, swede & carrots. I really like savoy cabbage too. The only veg i have an issue with are sprouts. I love the smell of them but the taste and texture make me feel queasy. Also i think Asparagus tastes like wood, i desperately want to be able to like it but it's like eating a tree, can't be doing with that.

3. Moisturising -This isn't something i do out of pleasure or as a healthy habit, it's more of a necessity. Having extremely dry sensitive skin means that i have to moisture all over on a daily basis otherwise my skin becomes really sore and starts to peel. It's a chore believe me.


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