Wednesday, 18 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 18. A Photograph Of Yourself

Hmmm again i don't really understand the point of this one so i'll hazard a guess that it is my favourite photo of myself? Fuck it, that's what i'm rolling with...

Yes Yes Yes i know i'm not riding solo in this picture, but it is my favourite one. This photo of me and Carl was taken on Valentines Day 2014 when we stayed at a hotel for the night and went out on the piss. It was a strange experience because both of us used to love nights out when we were younger, but when we looked around and saw all the young folk and underage chavvy little tarts getting hammered around us, we realised that we were so past getting hammered and at around midnight, we grabbed a kebab and went back to the hotel haha. 

I do love this photo of us both, me and Carl both hate having our pictures taken but when we both get one together or there is one of us with Sarah, they always come out really nice. 

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