Monday, 2 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 2. 20 Facts About You

Soooo, you want to know 20 things about me do you? Righto...

1. I have had the nickname Spanner since i was 5 and that's what all my school mates know me as

2. I have always wanted a pet duck

3. I twagged school for 2 weeks straight to play on the internet. When i got caught, i had the truancy officer watching my every move until i left school 2 years later. Ooops

4. I love anything with stars on and i'm constantly drawing them 

5. My best friend of 19 years and my dad both passed away within 2 months of each other. It was the hardest time of my life

6. My grandad was a DCI ( Detective Chief Inspector ) with the police and he invented the little clip that holds notes down in a till

7. I tend to fall asleep in the cinema no matter how gripping the film is

8. I'm very picky about who i make friends with. I don't trust easily and i assess people before i let them into my life

9. I fucking hate clowns

10. I have mild psychic abilities

11. I love taking photos. They hold so many memories

12. My favourite soft drink is cherry coke, alcoholic drink is cider & black

13. I love to listen to people. Wether it's a story or a problem, listening is one of my favourite things to do. You learn so much about people when you listen properly.

14. I used to be a dancer from the age of 2 - 15 ( i miss it so much )

15. I would choose jewelery over make up any day. I'm obsessed with rings

16. Me and my older brother and sister have NEVER argued or fallen out

17. I have a birthmark on my stomach shaped like England

18. I have an unhealthy obsession with anything Alice in Wonderland related

19. I get really angry if i'm cold. I will literally shout and scream until i'm warm

20. If i have a sudden shock or i am worried about something, i completely loose my appetite and can't physically eat anything until it has been sorted or cleared up

1 comment:

  1. I knew we where friends for a reason ...
    I have stars tattooed on me sooo you love me.
    I dislike clowns
    I love cherry coke
    I used to dance
    My boyf also has a Birth mark shaped like england
    andd I get angry when I'm cold !!
    We are a good pair ;)



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