Tuesday, 24 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 24. What Attracts You (In Love)

I'm going to be completely biased here and basically describe my boyfriend Carl because to me, he is the epitome of perfection in my eyes.

Even before i met Carl, if would tell my friends that a brilliant sense of humour was the most attractive aspect of a man. Carl has me howling with laughter every single day and i'm not joking. Even his laugh sets me off. 

Aside from the sense of humour, he is everything that i have dreamed of. He's absolutely fucking sexy as hell for a start! His eyes are dark brown which are just mmmmm. No Kate, don't go on about his gorgeous looks. You know he's beautiful so shut up.

Another trait that i find attractive about him is that he is incredibly sensitive when it comes to me. We do crack jokes at each others expense but when i am really upset, worried or just generally feeling like crap, he will go out of his way to comfort me and make sure that i'm alright. He is forever saying that if any bloke did anything to me, he would kill them and i actually think he really means that haha. He is incredibly protective of me and i love that about him.

I won't go on, but to me, Carl is everything and the most perfect man in the world and i love him so so so much. He is without a doubt, my soul mate.


  1. I love how we have both just posted about our boys ! We are such loving wives aren't we haha.

    1. That we are! And as way of thanks for doing this for them, i think we deserve to get treats and lots of them!! xxx


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