Thursday, 26 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 26. Your Hidden Talent

I have always believed that i am a genetic freak and i was created in a science lab somewhere because i have so many hidden talents that i'm scared to mention them all, incase the men in white come and take me away!

I can roll my tongue

I can wiggle my ears

I can twitch my nose

I can bend my thumbs back over the top of my hands

I can wiggle my little toe without moving the others

I can play the piano ( very well, not to blow my own trumpet but i really can )

I can fix computers

I can fix cars ( to a degree )

I'm really good at problem solving. For example..the other week, i dropped the van key down a drain in Immingham. I couldn't move the grate to get to it but it took me about 4 seconds to think of a solution. I went inside the police station and took the handle off a bucket so i could scoop it out. Genius! If you ever need a problem solving, i'm your girl.

I'm a very fast runner ( despite my size )

I can hold my breath under water for 2 minutes give or take

I can read backwards & upside down

If you don't hear from me again, word got out and i'm locked up in an asylum.

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