Friday, 27 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 27 - Celebs That Piss Me Off

Those of you who are doing the 30 day blogging challenge will see that i have steered away from the original post of 'What's in your closet' simply because it's boring. I share the wardrobe with Carl so one side is his, the other is mine. It's full of clothes and shoes. Big wow! So i've decided to alter things slightly and create my own day 27 post. 

 Bruno Mars

I don't so much have an issue with Bruno as a person as i'm sure he's a decent bloke but his songs are absolutely appauling! They all sound the same and have the same vibe to them and his voice goes right through me. Everytime one of his songs come on the radio i will turn it off, i don't even have to think about it.

Lee Evans

This guy drives me mad. He's in no way funny and i just want to punch him. Carl thinks he's hilarious but i find him irritating. 

Cheryl Cole
If there was any celeb in the world where fame has gone to their head, it's Cheryl. I absolutely love Geordies and have mates who live up there that are sound but this Geordie is one of the most irritating, big headed twats going. Oooo she had her face on a can of god you really are taking you career to new levels aren't you. Just piss off Cheryl!
Alexandra Burke

She missed out on being in the live finals of the X Factor, came back the following year and she won. To me that just screams bullshit but oh my god this woman!!! Her songs are shocking and are like something you write up on the back of a beer mat when you're pissed.

Lorne Spicer

Back when Sarah was little and i was a stay at home mum, day time TV was pretty prominent and with it came all the Antique auction shows. One of them was hosted by this cow, Lorne Spicer. She has irritated me for years even though she hasn't been on the box for a while. She's got the most false laugh i've ever heard and i HATE people who have a false laugh. Her smile was fake too...probably to hide the fact she was up to her eyeballs in debt at the time. ARGH annoying!!!

James Blunt

He can't sing. End of

Tanya Burr

I know there are alot of people who love Tanya but i'm not one of them. I applaud the fact she has made a name for herself and has worked from the bottom up but my god doesn't she know how well she's doing! In everyone elses vlogs, she has to make sure she is in it somewhere. It's like she craves the limelight. Also another thing that really bugs me about this girl is that she is forever needing clarification from her fiance Jim. If Tanya says she had a cup of tea, she will tell the camera then say ' Didn't i Jim? ' She always has to get what she has just said verified by the bloke and it's so excessive. Sorry i don't want to offend anyone but Tanya Burr really fucks me off. Her needy attitude annoys the shit out of me.

Kim Kardashian

This woman is not even worth a caption. It's pretty evident how i feel about here seeing as i chucked her arse into room 101 #Pointlesswoman

Jeremy Kyle

Finally we come to Jezza. This guy has real issues in my book. He gets a kick out of other peoples torment and i think it's a disgrace. When you're a counsellor, you sit and listen to your client without judgement and you NEVER interrupt them. This guy is the polar opposite. He interrupts EVERYONE who is a guest, he has criticism for everything even without the facts and he is incredibly judgemental of people before even getting to know them. He is an over opinionated arrogant little man who really grinds my gears. He's so damn rude! If someone is nervous on stage he will say ' Ignore the audience they should be at work '..if it wasn't for that audience he wouldn't have a sodding show! He emphasises the need for audience members yet when they're there he has a go at them? Talk about contradicting! What an absolute dickhead.

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