Saturday, 28 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 28. Your Most Embarrassing Moment

Do you know what? I had to stop myself for a minute before writing this because i was so unsure about sharing some of my most embarrassing stories but then i thought fuck it, if you can't laugh at yourself then others will never laugh with you..then again...what if you all laugh at me? Shit...

#1 - Sex education at school. Do you know where i'm going with this one? Haha!! When i was at school, sex education wasn't a part of our curriculum until we were 14 and by that point, the majority of my year were banging away and one lass was even pregnant so we were all pretty 'in tune' with the whole sex and puberty thing. Anyway, being the class joker, i was the one to make everyone laugh so during one lesson, we were shown how to put a condom on, only we were using a cucumber ( oh god i'm giggling so much writing this ). I threw the cucumber and started to blow the condom up while the teachers back was turned. I planned to stop before it burst but mother nature had other ideas guessed it, it burst and a piece of the condom landed on the teachers arm. I was embarrassed but everyone found it hilarious and looking back, so do i. 

#2 - I was on a girls holiday with my mates in Blackpool just after we finished school to celebrate the end of our GCSEs and luckily at the time, we all looked old enough to get served in bars. As was to be expected, we got absolutely mortal (drunk) and decided to carry on drinking back at the caravan. I can't remember much of the night but in the morning, i woke up to the sound of laughter, my head was pounding so i assumed i was dreaming or halucinating. Until i opened my eyes properly to see myself and my mate Emma surrounded by our mates outside and they were all laughing at us. I picked myself up and saw that we had fallen asleep outside on a sun lounger only our skirts had risen right up and our arses were on show for the whole bloody campsite to ogle at! Emma still blushes about it but i took it all in my stride haha.

#3 -Having a mum who is pretty much a genius, i learnt to speak french from an early age and over the years it's got to the stage where i can hold a full blown conversation in the language. However, when i was about 13 on our annual holiday to France, i was not bad but still learning the lingo. On a trip to the supermarche ( a french supermarket ), my mum asked me to go get some cheese and meat from the deli counter. Time to put my skills to the test i thought. I approached the lady at the counter and asked her in french ' Could i have a piece of the jalapeno cheese and some slices of salami '. When i did, she gave me the strangest look and started laughing. She replied with ' reessayez et reflechir a ce que vous dites
 ' which basically means try again but think about what you just said. After a couple of minutes i registered that i had infact asked her if i could have a slice of dog cheese and 500 slices of windows ' !! I got what i wanted in the end but let's just say my french was greatly improved after that.

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