Sunday, 29 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 29 - A Confession

Haha this is the perfect opportunity to confess my sins and the majority of people they are about will never know because they don't read my blog. Excellent...

Mrs Dennett ( My English teacher from school ) - Do you remember that time when we were learning about Romeo & Juliet and you made us watch the old school version of the film? Well when the part came on where Romeo takes the poison,It was me who shouted out ' You pathetic bastard ' never did find out who it was Haha.

Rachel Townend ( A frenemy from school ) - At one point during our many rifts, we ended up having to sit at the same table in the canteen because we didn't have a choice. When you walked over to get a second helping of food, it was me who put a slab of cake into your coke can and seeing your face when you took a swig was priceless. You fucking deserved it that day you bitch.

Mum - It was me who broke the lid of the bread bin all them years ago, not dad. Sorry

To the owner of that car - That car park was ridiculously small and i was surpised i managed to reverse the van into that tiny space. Unfortunately i underestimated how hard it was to get out of it and i slightly knocked your car. You haven't found out so let's pretend it never happened yeah?



  1. To mum,
    sorry I cut a hole in the bottom of the sofa to get my phone out !
    I was desperate ;) xxxxx


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