Tuesday, 3 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 3. Your Favourite Quote

I'm not really sure why this would tie in with a blog or a blogging challenge but my favourite quote of all time is...

Carpe Diem basically means ' Sieze The Day ' in Latin. I actually have it as a tattoo on the inside of my wrist so that when i see something and i put my hand out to it, i can look down at it and think ' Fuck it, just do it woman '.

I've used this saying for years ever since Sully ( my best friend who passed away in 2007 ) said it before a boxing match. It really struck a chord with me because before that, i used to be the kind of person who wouldn't do something out of fear of looking stupid but now, i just go for it and never have to worry about regrets.

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