Monday, 30 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 30 - Your Hopes For Your Blog

I guess i have the same hopes as every other blogger. I'm not the egotistical type to say that i only blog with the hope i can make a career out of it ( and for the record, the people who think that are delusional ). No, i just want me blog to carry on the way it is and just improve over time. If anything good comes from it then fantastic but that's not the aim of my game. 

Also i would like to make more friends through blogging ( i guess that's a hope right? ) I have already made some fantastic and life long friends through this avenue and i love them all but there is always space for more lovely people to come into my world and share it with me.

So that completes The 30 Day Blogging Challenge! Wow i didn't actually think it was acheiveable with having such a busy life but bugger me i surprised myself by completing it. I've really enjoyed doing it as it gave me the opportunity to share more about me as a person but to also keep my blog alive because i've been able to schedule 99% of the posts. And reading other posts has been really interesting too. Bring on the next challenge!

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