Friday, 6 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 6. What Are You Afraid Of

Haha this one made me laugh because i actually fear quite alot of things.

The main one being cows. I suffer with what's known as Taurophobia. It all started when i was camping with friends and there was a field of cows next to the campsite. One morning i was out having a cig and this cow caught site of me and it looked pissed off and started charging towards the fence at me. Ever since i have been absolutely terrified of them.

Clowns are a fear that my whole family have. Me, my sister and my mum absolutely despise them. How can anyone find them funny? My fear developed after watching the film IT with Pennywise the clown killing kids. It just wasn't natural and traumatised the living shite out me. Horrible things.

Another fear i have is Claustrophobia ( fear of small spaces ) and i got this from my mum who also suffers from it. It's so bad that when i'm in the shower and i'm washing my face, i hold my breath but forget to breathe because i feel like i'm suffocating. Don't even get me started when the bed covers go over my face. Nightmare!!

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