Saturday, 7 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 7. Your 5 Favourite Songs

R. Kelly - The World's Greatest

This song means so much to me. It was played at Sully's funeral and it summed him up perfectly. He was my best friend for 19 years and to me he was the world's greatest in every sense. I miss him so much

The Dubliners - Wild Rover

Another very important song to me. This was played at my dad's funeral. The lyrics were made for my dad lol. I miss him more than words can ever express.

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

I love this song. Me and Carl have decided that this will be our first dance song when we get married. The lyrics ( and i know this is going to sound cheesy ) sum up me and Carl completely. We have always said we regret not meeting each other sooner and it feels like we've waited for each other for ages. We are made for each other and i can't wait to be Mrs Coates one day.

KC And The Sunshine Band - Queen Of Clubs

This song makes me laugh and brings back great memories from my very first job working in a pub. KC and the Sunshine Band made the catchiest/funkiest songs i've ever heard and when i hear this, i can't help but dance and sing along. It cheers me up no end.

Nickelback - Never Gonna Be Alone

This song holds so many memories for me. It makes me think of all the friends i have helped over the years that have come to me with their problems. All of them were so down and could never see a light at the end of what seemed to be a very long tunnel but i promised them i would never leave their side and help them until it got sorted. It also rings true when it comes to Carl and Sarah. I'm behind them 100% for the rest of my life.



  1. R Kelly reminds me of leaving school!

    1. Yeah i can understand that :) It's that kind of song x


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