Sunday, 8 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 8. 5 Current Goals

1. Have another baby

It's no surprise that i am ready for another baby. Sarah is 11 now and i'm dying to experience it all over again. Myself and Carl are trying at the minute, it's getting so frustrating being disappointed every month but fingers crossed we will have some good news to share with you all soon. 

2. Loose weight

Again this is no great surprise. I don't have a fixed date to be a certain size or weight, i'm just going to do it slowly but surely.

3.  Improve cash flow

Random one perhaps but this year has been an expensive one for me and Carl. When you leave uni and dive into the real world, you will soon discover that having a student loan was an absolute blessing because your working wage will leave you skint. We have had bills every month to pay, a car to run not to mention car tax and an MOT. I'm hoping to budget alot better so that we at least have some money to enjoy ourselves and take Sarah out after we've paid out for bills.

4. Making more YouTube videos

This is pretty self explanatory. I made my first video last week and i have had a somewhat good response from it, i didn't even expect 1 view! I need to dedicate more time at a weekend to making them instead of cleaning. I'm sick of cleaning, especially when i do it as my day job pretty much.

5. Convince my mum to make her old room into an office

Sounds odd yes but my mum has diabetic neuropathy which means she needs a wheelchair to get around most of the time and climbing stairs is difficult for her. She has been sleeping downstairs in the dining room for a few years now and her bedroom upstairs doesn't get used. So aswell as keeping it as a guest bedroom, i want to try to convince her to let me turn into some office space for my blogging and YouTube. We'll see

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