Monday, 9 June 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge // Day 9. What's In Your Bag/Wallet

I didn't really understand the idea for this one but seeing as i have 2 bags and it's just too much to photograph, i'll do a what's in my purse instead and leave the bags for another time.

What's in my purse?

I got this purse from New Look, i think it was £10.99 and i love it!

First up are my most used points cards. Tesco clubcard, Boots advantage card and Nectar. I probably use the Nectar card the most as my nearest shop is a Sainsburys local. I tend to forget i have points on all of them and when i find out i have enough to buy things, i get a little over excited.

Next up is a little photo of Sarah from school a good few years ago now, i should really update it but she looks soooo cute in this one! Also there is a polaroid snap of my boyfriend Carl after he had his haircut. The Britains Got Talent card thing i got at Morrisons when i did some food shopping. You're meant to go online and see if you've won something but none of the prizes appeal to me so i'm not going to bother haha. Finally there is a 2 for 1 voucher for top UK attractions that i got when i filled up my work van at Sainsburys. This will come in handy for the summer holidays.

A random selection of items here. First up the blister packet is JstJodie Semtex weight loss capsules. There is huge pile of Clubcard coupons that i really should use up because all of them are money off stuff we buy all the time. A Boots giftcard that i think has about £2 left on it and a lighter because you never know when you'll need one.

37p in shrapnel. Riches!

 Mine and Carl's Mecca bingo membership cards. We used to love going every sunday but we suddenly stopped. Think we should get back into it. And a reward card from a boutique shop on Newland Ave called Tessies. I went there with the girls i met at the Hull Bloggers Meet and bought the most amazing ear cuff with stars on. I'm rarely down Newland Ave but if i am, i'll definitely go have another nosey around in there.

Haha oh god my drivers license. Show me someone who is happy with their mugshot on a driving license or passport because i'm certainly not one of them. I had to renew this earlier this year, £20 it cost me! At least it'll last me another 10 years before i have to do it again. My Superdrug Beauty Card which i admit i have never used because i rarely go to Superdrug but i like it because of the mirrored surface so i'm holding onto it. That odd NHS card is what i have been getting every year because i was receiving tax credits. It basically exempts me from paying for prescriptions, eye tests etc but now i no longer claim them, this will run out at the end of this month and i will have to pay from now on boooooo!

Last but not least we come to the most obscene amount of loyalty cards ever! I always feel compelled to pick one up or agree to having one when i'm in a store. I have a Costa coffee club card which i use quite a lot. My health lottery numbers card. Toys R Us gold card...don't judge me, i love that shop it makes me feel young again! MY TOYS! A matalan card ( rarely used ). Our Family card which i use at my local pub Manor Farm and finally a Homebase card which does see the light of day when we decorate and i can combine it with my Nectar card to get double points woohoo!!

I obviously have bank cards but i'm not stupid enough to take photo's of them. Ugh i'm not that simple! 

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