Thursday, 19 June 2014

An Unconventional Birthday ''Wish List''

On the 28th of June, i'll be 28 years old. I've got some beautiful symmetry going on this year with numbers.

Anyway, all too often i see posts about what people want for their upcoming birthdays and when i see them i think to myself 'are you for real'? They want Jo Malone candles and £500 pairs of's your birthday not your fucking coronation! 

For the past 7 years or so, every Christmas and birthday i am asked what i would like present wise and believe me when i say this, there is absolutely nothing i want and i have to really look for something for someone to buy me just so they can say they did buy me something, it's a vicious cycle! I struggled to just think of 2 things i wanted this year...a 64gb memory card and the Christmas specials of Jonathan Creek! Haha

So instead of having physical presents on my wishlist, i would rather have some of my wishes come to fruition instead.

Wish #1 - Get pregnant

Yes ok so i may have over done this and mentioned it in a lot of my posts but this one wish is the one i want to come true so badly. As you all know, i have a beautiful daughter who is now 11 and she is my world. But i'm so ready for another and i have been for a long time now. Me & Carl have been disappointed every month and i just want that bloody pregnancy test to show up positive at least before 2014 comes to an end if not by next month.

Wish #2 - Ease up the migraines

Migraines have been the bane of my life since my early teens and after countless check ups and every migraine medication under the sun, i still haven't found anything that will get rid of them instantly. I just wish they would fuck off!

Wish #3 - Getting a break at work

My job is very demanding and i have a supervisor who pulls a sicky at least once a week which leaves me with a stupid amount of sites to cover. At the end of a working day i'm exhausted and i can't wind down because before i know it, i have a text come through saying there is a cell clean on south bank. I just want a day or even better a week where no one asks me to do any extra work.

Wish #4 - Getting paid travel

I get paid per job i do but i don't get paid for the travel to and from destinations and sometimes, i'm driving upwards of 100 miles a day. It has been a real grievance with the fleet of the company for a long time now. I wish that they would listen to us and start paying for all the bloody driving we do.

Wish #5 - Going away before Christmas

Carl better be reading this because this is aimed at him. I desperately want to have a weekend away somewhere ( preferably London ) just before Christmas. Wether he will make that happen or not i don't know but it's in his hands.

Wish #6 - Saz enjoying Secondary school

Our Sarah starts year 7 at secondary school this year and she's so nervous which is how we all felt when going up to ''big'' school. I wish that everything goes ok for her and she really enjoys it.


  1. I really hope number 1 happens very soon! Good luck to your lovely little family! :)


    1. Thankyou so much Kirsty that means alot to me :) Fingers crossed i can tell you some good news soon xx


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