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Clinique 3 Step Skin Care // Review

Since i took an interest in caring for my skin properly instead of using just soap and water, i think i must have tried every cleanser, scrub and wipe on the market. With my skin being as dry and sensitive as it is, i have more often than not got my products wrong. That was until i stood infront of the Clinique counter at my local Debenhams and asked for some advice.

The consultant, Andrew, noticed straight away that my face, particularly around my nose and chin, was very dry/peeling away and instantly knew what was right for me. He talked me through the products he was trying out on my face and gave me a really interesting insight into how Clinique started and the man behind it all ( I didn't know it had been around since the late 60s ). With all his recommendations and seeing the before and after, i was completely sold and bought the products he said would benefit me and that was the 3 step skin care routine.

Step 1 - Cleanser

Andrew explained to me that even though this is liquid soap, it is free from all perfumes and irritants which is exactly what i needed to avoid and clearly where i had been going wrong with all my other cleansers. The texture of it is so smooth and creamy but not thick. When applied to the face, it doesn't lather up whatsoever so it does feel like you are just rubbing water over your face. After application, i simply wash off with cold water and pat my face dry with a towel.

Step 2 -Exfoliate

This clarifying lotion is incredible. Although the dry skin on my face is noticeable if you were to run your hand across it, it is most noticeable when the skin starts to flake away which happens all year round. This lotion has completely turned that on it's head. I apply it to a cotton pad and gently wipe it all over my face and neck paying particular attention to my nose and chin. Since using it, i haven't had any flaking skin whatsoever. It's fantastic.

Step 3 - Moisturise

I was so dubious about this moisturiser only because i have been using the same one for so long now that the thought of using a new one that claimed to be the be all and end all seemed a little too good to be true. Erm yeah i was wrong. When i apply this, it feels like a barrier has been put on my face and i can feel the moisture going back into my skin. Sounds crazy but that's the only way i can describe it. This moisturiser does exactly what it says on the tin, or tube in this case.

 This isn't part of the 3 step ( obviously ) but it was recommended for me to just add more of a boost with regards to moisturising my skin. This is the moisture surge intense and i can't rave about it enough. Like the other products, there is no perfume or irritants and has the most delicate consistency which isn't oily whatsoever. I apply the moisturising lotion ( 3 step routine ) in the morning but i apply this at night time so it has all night to soak in and in the morning, my face feels amazing.

Price - It is on the pricey side. At the time of purchase, the 3 step skin care kit was £49 but with the moisture surge intense and all other bits and bobs, i paid in total £98. However, as you can see from the products, i have barely made a dent in them so even though i use them all twice a day, they will definitely last me a very long time. 

Variety - The 3 step routine comes in a variety of levels with regards to your skin type. I have Skin type 1 which is very dry to dry. But you can get Skin type 2 (Dry/Combination) Skin type 3 (Combination/Oily) & Skin Type 4 (Oily). Everyone has a good idea of what skin type they have but if you are unsure, i really recommend going to see a consultant at Clinique as they are the experts and can tell you what type you are.

Conclusion - Overall after using these products for a month now, i have to say that after all the money i have spent over the years on products that claim to rehydrate my skin and make it 'glow', i have finally found the holy grail of skincare for me.

You can buy the 3 step skin care routine here

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