Monday, 16 June 2014

Good Enough To Eat - Food Jewellery

Unfortunately the title isn't as black and white as it would seem, i have not found or invented edible jewellery as awesome as that sounds but i have definitely found the next best thing in the form of...

Most evenings when i'm window shopping on the internet, i get sucked into a vortex of some sort wether it be shoes or soft furnishings. But when i was having a look around for some unique and interesting jewellery, i stumbled across this website and was really intrigued by the food jewellery title on the logo. When i clicked on the link, i found the most amazing assortment of jewellery ranging from rings to necklaces and everything else in between that had miniature food items on them.



Each item has a specific scent generally matching that of what it is so for example, the blueberry muffin necklace smells of, you guessed it, blueberry muffins! 

This is just a small selection of what is on offer on the website and i love all of them! Prices range around the $22 mark ( around £13 ) which i think is very reasonable considering these are very detailed pieces and with the added scent, i think they're a steal!

When the next pay day comes round, i am definitely making a little purchase and i have my eye on that snow cone necklace, seriously how amazing does it look?!

If you want to go and have a look for yourself, the website is

** Disclaimer : The logo and all images are from the website. I do not own them nor have any rights to them and are using them for blogging purposes **


  1. Great minds think alike! I actually have a necklace in the shape of a Jaffa cake haha xx

    1. A jaffa cake?! What is this magic you speak of because i need one!!! xx


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