Saturday, 14 June 2014

Superstitions // What I Believe & What I Don't

A superstition is the belief in a supernatural event causing bad luck or misfortune without any physical contact. Superstitions have been going on for thousands of years and some of them are so bizarre, that i have often wondered what the hell made people believe in them. 

Seeing as it was Friday 13th yesterday, I'm going to list some superstitions and explain why i believe in them or think they're bullshit.

Walking under ladders - I'm in 2 minds about this one. If a ladder is propped up against a wall,i will probably walk under it. But if it's a ladder that has 2 sides ( like an upside down V shape ) then i won't. This isn't so much superstition with me but that i think if i walk through a V shape ladder, it will snap shut on me haha

2 man drains - This one came from my mate Katie from school. I noticed her deliberately going out of her way to walk over a 2 man drain because she said if you walk over it, you'll have a good sex life. No idea where this one came from or if it was just in her messed up head but it's stuck with me and i always do it. No comment on what it has done for my sex life hahahaha!!

3 man drains - Again this one came from Katie who claimed that 3 man drains signify bad luck. I avoid them all the time

Cracks in the pavement - This is more along the lines of OCD but it is still classed as a superstition. If you walk on the cracks in a pavement, you will get bad luck. I don't believe this one at all, who has time to avoid cracks in a pavement? Plus you look like a twat hopping over them

Putting new shoes on a table - My dad introduced me to this one. I don't put shoes on a table often, it's only if i'm putting laces back in or cleaning them but i think this is bullshit

Putting an umbrella up indoors - My mum will make damn sure this doesn't happen in our house, it's probably the only superstition she believes in. I did it once and she freaked out so i never do it now.

Touching wood - If you were to say ' I haven't fallen ill this year ', you would touch wood to make sure that you haven't jinxed yourself. I do this alot but it's out of habit not from fear

Friday 13th - It's just another day!!

White rabbits - On the first day of the month, the first thing you should say is 'Pinch Punch First Of The Month' or 'White Rabbits'. This is ancient superstition and is meant to stave off bad luck for that month. I try to do it but when i wake up on the first day of the month, my first thought isn't staving off bad luck, it's how fucking nackered i am.

Saluting Magpies - This is one i have done for YEARS! There is an age old rhyme that goes..

1 for sorrow
2 for joy
3 for a girl
4 for a boy
5 for silver
6 for gold
7 for a secret never to be told

Basically, magpies were considered evil in ancient times and if you didn't show them the respect they deserve you would get bad luck. Magpies mate for life so if you see a magpie on it's own, you salute him and say ' Hello Mr Magpie, how is your wife today ' to show that you acknowledge that he does have a female in his life. If you see 2 together, you don't say anything but you still salute them. It sounds fucking stupid i know, but everytime i have seen a magpie on it's own, i've had bad luck within the next hour. This is probably the biggest superstition i have.


  1. I salute magpies! My fella thought I was mad but I've noticed him doing it too ;) xx

    1. My boyfriend couldn't understand it either! Haha. Glad to hear your other half is doing it too, men are funny creatures xx


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