Friday, 13 June 2014

The Hull Accent Explained #2

After the unexpected success of my first post about the Hull Accent, i think it's worthwhile making another one don't you think? Aswell as our lingo, i'll be talking about things that are indigenous to Hull too.

The Lingo

Brock - This word means 'broke' but in some parts of Hull it's pronounced brock. For example in a sentence you would say ' I broke the cup ' whereas we would say 'i brock the cup '

Bain - The adopted Hull word for baby. We know it comes from Scotland but it's used heavily over here for some reason. I don't personally use it

Dodey/Dodi - A slang word for a baby's dummy 

Kin Ell - A shortened way of saying 'Fucking Hell '. Us Hull folk don't have the time to pronounce words in full so we use abbreviations, yeah we're lazy...and?

Darn Road - When you hear someone in Hull say this, it means they are going down Holderness Road or Hessle Road, 2 very busy areas in Hull with loads of shops

Prinny Quay - Again this is a shortened version of the real thing, Princes Quay which is a shopping centre in the city centre

Shurrup - Shut up

Gorrit Far Nowt - This is our way of saying ' I got it for nothing ' or ' i didn't pay anything for it '

Things indigenous to Hull

White telephone boxes - We all know that phone boxes are pretty much obsolete in the UK but in Hull, ours will probably stay around forever because we are the only place that have phone boxes painted white. All other phone boxes are red. 

William Wilberforce - William Wilberforce abolished slavery and the slave trade. He was born in Hull

Karoo - Hull has the monopoly when it comes to Internet and land line providers in the form of Karoo. If you have a Hull area code, you can't have any other kind of provider like Sky, BT or MUST have Karoo. We're the only place in the UK to have this and they're trying to change it. I hope they do because it's shit!

Beautiful South - This amazing group were from Hull.

The Humber Bridge - Ok so it's not so much indigenous to us but this bridge crosses the River Humber between Hull & Lincolnshire. All Hull folk ( and i really mean all of them ) will say that when they have been away, when they see the Humber Bridge coming into view, they instantly think ' I'm Nearly Home '.

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  1. Awhh I always say I'm home when I see the bridge ! Cause I actually am due to living right by it haha :D
    Love these posts they are my faves !! xxx


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