Thursday, 31 July 2014

Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge

Yes ok so it may seem like De Ja Vu that i'm doing another 30 day blogging challenge but because working and family life is so hectic and i'm spending my weekends making videos, it's getting kind of hard for me to find the time to do blog posts. With a blogging challenge, i can write them up at my leisure and schedule them so there is always something going on on Pieces Of Kate. I love Harry Potter so i'm really excited about this one.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Day At Normanby Hall

Saz and her class were very lucky to be asked to attend her teachers wedding and to sing at the service. It was held at Normanby Hall in Lincolnshire and seeing as me and Carl had to take her anyway, we thought we would make the most of it.

Saz ( third from right ) with all ( well most of ) her class mates

The grounds were absolutely stunning and very different to what i was expecting. The hall itself is beautiful and even though i didn't get chance to have a look inside, i can imagine it's pretty oppulent with it's decor and furnishings. 

Was pretty weird seeing Sarah's old school teacher dressed up for her wedding when i'm so used to seeing her dressed like a teacher haha. She looked beautiful though and Saz is sad that she won't see her again now that she's off to secondary school.

While Saz was inside for the wedding, me & Carl and all the other parents took advantage of the nice weather and sat outside on the grass. We took some snacks and just monged out. Me & Carl started talking about our own wedding and what we would like for the day ( not engaged yet but we still talk about it ). I would love to get married somewhere like this but seems pointless considering we aren't from this side of the water. 

Love taking photos of him when he least expects it hehe                
When the service was done, her teacher and her new husband ( who happens to be the head teacher of the school ) came out to thank them all for singing and to take some photos. I managed to get this one which i think is pretty cool. 

Overall it was a really nice day and a lovely place and Sarah had a nice time seeing her mates and one of her favourite teachers ever. It was also a nice opportunity for me and Carl to relax in the sun and take some time out. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mid Year Round Up

Would someone like to tell me where the hell this year is going? I feel like my feet haven't touched the ground! 2014 has been an eventful year so far in so many ways...

I experienced my first Blog meet way back in march that i stumbled across completely by chance. Thanks to me finding out about this, i have made some life long mates who are swiftly becoming some of the most important people in my life.

Apologies to Mars...i couldn't find a picture of you

I experienced my first crime scene which is something that will take a long time for me to fully recover from. It was a surreal experience

Peter Battle ( Right ) was murdered by Graham Richardson ( Left ).

Me and Carl found out that we are to become an auntie and uncle again! His sister Kirsty is having her third child due in October and this time she is having a girl!!


Unfortunately, Carl lost his lovely gran back in march after a very long illness. I only got to meet her once but she was sooooo lovely and it's such a shame she has gone. But we're all greatful she had a good life and is no longer suffering.


My in laws went and bought a rottweiller puppy called Rolo! He is a lazy little sod but he's so adorable!

I blogged at the Hull Fashion Week finale and it was an absolutely incredible experience and i got to spend the day with my mates having a laugh and feeling very important sat at the front with our VIP passes haha.

Sarah left primary school and celebrated by going to her end of school prom! She had an amazing time with her mates and looked beautiful.

I made my first Youtube video and i'm now pushing them out every week ( well i'm trying to )

I also went to the Lincoln Blog Meet

So far this year has been fairly hectic for me one way or another and i know that up until Christmas it's just going to get busier and busier.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My Travel Destination Wishlist

I've never been one to travel the globe on a gap year type jolly, the whole experience of hostels, visas, having to work in a foreign country never appealed to me. But that doesn't mean i don't love to travel to places for a holiday. 

Unfortunately i haven't been able to go abroad since 2007 for a few reasons. The main one being Sarah who as anyone will know, i cannot take out of school during term time. And to go away during school holidays means selling a kidney to fund it. Not to mention the fact me and Carl work a hell of a lot and find it very hard to book any time off. But i like to think that we will be going abroad again really soon and i have my eye on a few destinations... 

 My family and i went on holiday to Greece every year for about 6 years with 2 other families and we went to a different place each time. Zante, Crete, Corfu, Halkidiki...i loved them all! Well Corfu has some bad memories but the place was amazing. I really miss Greece. I miss the food, the people, the scenery. It's such a beautiful place.

This will probably not come as such a huge surprise to most of you but yes, i still want to go to New York. I hate looking like a tourist in a new place but frankly if i was to have a week in New York i wouldn't give a damn what i looked like. I would walk those streets with a map and a camera and i would love every second of it.

I've mentioned previously that i have already been to Paris but because i was so young, i couldn't fully appreciate it. I want to back now as an adult and experience all the sights and sounds that i can vaguely remember from when i was a kid. I also want to visit The Louvre and get to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I love France and have seen most of it now but to go back to Paris and see it through the eyes of an adult would be a very different experience.

Venice is one of those places that looks like it's something created for a movie set. I have to verify these stories of it literally being a floating city. I also want to enjoy a gondola ride and have some guy in a stripy shirt singing away while he pushes us down the canals. I want to experience it soooo bad!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Watch me scaring myself shitless on YouTube

I recently made another video for my gaming channel where i play The House 2. This is another indie horror game but this one really freaked me out and has left me scarred for life. Go on and have a watch, you'll probably end up laughing at my expense. Please subscribe to my channel, it's always good fun and i have so much planned for it.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mini Body Shop Haul

It's been a very long time since i purchased anything from The Body Shop. My very first experience of that shop was back when i was about 12 and i went in with my sister and all i can remember were the smells that hit me as soon as i walked in the door. The only thing i bought from there was a body spray in what i believe was vanilla musk. I've haven't bought anything since that day until i was window shopping on the internet and came across a voucher code for 20% off so against my better judgement ( and knowing i have bills that need paying ), i made a little purchase..or four.

So what did i get i hear you ask? Well....

First up is the Satsuma shower gel. I have always loved the smell of oranges and enjoy anything orange flavoured, yet i can't eat oranges themselves. I'm well aware of how weird i am thankyou. This smells beautiful and a friend of mine said that when you shower with it, the smell stays with you unlike most shower gels where the smell dissapears after it's rinsed off. With four people in our house, if i left it out it would get used up within a few days so i'm hiding it from prying eyes.

Next up is another shower gel only this one is Early Harvest Raspberry. Alot of raspberry scented items can be very chemically in smell and don't really come to close to the genuine article but this definitely hits the mark. 

Here we have the Satsuma Body Mist which was actually recommended to me by a friend of mine. Body mists generally disappoint me because after a couple of spritzes, the smell lingers for a short time but then completely vanishes and you find yourself reapplying it all the time and then before you know it, you've used half a bottle. However, words can't even describe this one. The smell alone is absolutely incredible and is so citrusy and it really has the orange zing to it. To top it off, the smell stays for a long time on the skin and if you get it on your clothes, it stays even longer. I'm so so so happy that i bought this, it's amazing.

Finally we come to the Raspberry body scrub. After using up the last of my Soap & Glory Flakeaway, i was on the lookout for a new scrub to see if any could rival it so i picked up this one on the pretence that it may become a new favourite. Well, it is and it isn't. As you can see from the picture, it looks like a pot of raspberry jam and it smells like it too which is if i'm honest, a bit overpowering. Don't get me wrong, i love jam, but i don't want to shower in it. With that in mind, i have to say that the consistency of it is really good. It has a good scrub feel to it with the added seeds and it does a great job of exfoliating my skin. It has pro's and con's and if i'm honest i won't be buying it again and sticking to my trusty Soap & Glory.

You can buy all of these items on the Body Shop website HERE

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Barry M Genie Lipstick // Review

Don't adjust your monitors, what you are seeing is real.

It is indeed a bright florescent green lipstick that you are seeing before you. But before you ask me wether i am auditioning for the wicked witch of the west or not, allow me to explain my most recent ( and most interesting ) purchase.

This ladies, is the Genie Lipstick from Barry M. 

I use Barry M for all my nail varnishes but i do occasionally nosey over to the make up section and see what's happening over there. Well, The Genie was happening this time. When i saw it i thought " Why on earth would anyone wear bright green lippie unless they're off to an apocalyptic all night rave"? But i was soon corrected when i read the description.

This lipstick magically turns your lips into your perfect shade of pink. But how i hear you cry when it's green!? Well, it claims to adapt to the Alkaline in your lips and because everyone has different levels of Alkaline in their bodies, it will vary in shade depending on the person.

Pffft come on now, surely this is a load of hyped up rubbish? Your lips must have a horrible greenish tint lathered all over them....?

No they don't! On application, there wasn't a single speck of green but instead, this beautiful blushed pink colour. Now i admit i have never really thought that pink lippie would ever suit me, but with this claiming to react to what my body is telling it to and providing the perfect shade of pink for me, i stand completely corrected.

And to add a cherry to this mighty fine cake we have only cost.... £4.49. Words fail me. This lipstick is amazing on so many levels and it's now my firm favourite. 

You can buy The Genie Lipstick HERE

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Hull Accent Explained #3

I'm back with another installment of The Hull Accent Explained. You guys love this! It pleases me, it really does.

A Chav - This is used in most cities and towns but it is excessively used in Hull. A Chav is someone who wears tracksuit bottoms that are tucked into socks. Nike air trainers, gold chains, Burberry caps, Stoneferry jackets. They generally knock around outside shops drinking cheap cider. 

A Townie - A scaled down version of a Chav. They wear the same as a chav but not to the same extent. A Townie lass will wear a really tight dress but have Nike Airs on her feet. A lad will wear a suit but have a Burberry cap on their head. An odd breed.

A Trendy - The people who dress to impress, hence the name "trendy". They generally knock about in smart clothes, well groomed, think the sun shines out their arse because they're wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

A Codhead - This is a name given to every single person who lives in Hull but it's not by choice. This is the name given to us by people who live on the south of the Humber. To them we are known as "Codheads", to us, they are known as "Yellowbellies".

A Munter - A term generally aimed at women. It basically means you are ugly as sin. 

Mafted - A Hull term for being too hot. 

Getting Brayed - A term used by the younger Hull folk. To "get brayed" means to get your head kicked in. Not very pleasant.

On The Blob - A rather unpleasant way to tell someone you are on your period. Though why you would want to tell anyone i don't know.

Chowed at - All of us have been "chowed at" at some point in our life. To get chowed at in Hull means that you are getting shouted at. A good telling off if you will.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

An Interview With..... My Daughter

My 11 year old daughter Sarah has been nagging and nagging to be a part of Pieces Of Kate somehow but i couldn't think of anything she could really do. That was until i thought i would interview her! So Saz when you read this sweetheart, you can say that you are part of blogging history!

Me - So Saz, how's things?

Saz - Good, how's life? I'm so fabulous i know 

Me - Great. I'm alright thanks Saz 

Me - Are you excited about moving to secondary school in September?

Saz No. But i am excited about the uniform and stuff

Me - Right i see. Do you have a boyfriend? And if you do why don't i know about him?

Saz - I almost have a boyfriend, gonna ask him out at school

Me - What!? Who is this boy?!!

Saz - Well i asked him out a couple of weeks ago but he said he would have to think about it and if he says no i'm going to slap him in the face

Me - Well i don't think slapping him will make him change his mind Saz 

Saz - It will

Me - Right well moving on then...

Me - What do you think of me having a blog?

Saz - Good because you give me cool products that i can play and mess around with

Me - I give you them because i have no use for them, they're not toys Sazza

Saz - I don't care they're cool

Me - Right then. 

Me - Is it cool having a mum that makes YouTube videos?

Saz - Yes because they are funny and cool and you play games that my fave youtubers play

Me - On a scale of 1-10, how cool am i?

Saz - 10+ narwhals out of -10 dolphins

Me -.....Right....i'll take that as a compliment Saz, cheers

Saz - ( Starts giggling )

Me - You've got your 6 weeks hols coming up. Lots of lie in's yeah?

Saz - No, well sometimes but i'll be playing out and shopping getting whatever i want

Me - Oh really and you're shopping with what money exactly?

Saz - I'm saving up but you and Carl are buying my clothes

Me - Cheeky bugger!

Saz - Yep

Me - So who is your fave celebrity these days?

Saz - Kim Kardashian

Me - Oh my god why? She's pointless!

Saz - Because she's funny, cool and pretty

Me - Whatever, we clearly see two very different people.

Saz - Yes

Me - Do you want me and Carl to get married?

Saz - Yes then i can be at the top of the class register

Me - Is that really the only reason?

Saz - No because then i can have a sister

Me - But we can have a baby without getting married you know

Saz - Yeah but i want a sister before i leave secondary school, then i can go pick her up from little school can't i.

Me - Right ok fair enough, steering away from the question there but that's fine. So you want us to have another baby, get married...anything else?

Saz - Yeah i want to have my own pet

Me - But we already have two cats

Saz - But they aren't really mine, i want my very own 

Me - Ok so what would you want?

Saz - A lizard and a turtle

Me - Erm ok i'll see what we can do

Saz - Cheers

Saz then told me she had a game to play on the Xbox and the interview was subsequently finished. I have a strange daughter.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Plans For Hull Transformation

Most of Hull will agree with me when i say that we do get forgotten about up here. Surprisingly, alot of the UK don't even know where Hull is! We have so much history here and we have produced some of Britains most recognised celebrities such as Tom Courtenay, Maureen Lipman & Luke Campbell not to mention historical figures such as Amy Johnson & William Wilberforce.

But now we are firmly on the map after winning the bid for City Of Culture 2017 and my god Hull has got some great plans for it including a huge revamp of the city centre.

I hate to admit it, but Hull is falling apart architectural wise and our streets have been left to rot but now we have been given the money to do a complete overhaul of some of the most recognisable places including Princes Dock & Victoria Square. The Hull Daily Mail ( our local tabloid ) has recently disclosed artists impressions of the upcoming plans and here they are...

Victoria Square

I would say that Victoria Square is the most central part of Hull City Centre and probably the most open/pedestrianised area. The plan is to fully extend the area with more paved walkways and adding fountains and LED lights. Also adding green areas and more seating. They also plan to move the William Wilberforce statue back to it's original place in Victoria Square ( It is currently outside Hull College ). I think all the plans are great and will really improve the area, it reminds me of Piccadilly Circus in Manchester.

Victoria Square At Night ( Artists Impression )

 Humber Street ( Fruit Market )

The Fruit Market is Hull's hidden little gem. It's not directly in the city centre and i think that's why it's been forgotten about but Humber Street is another area that is getting a make over. Over street lighting, new cafes and shops and a newly paved street are in the pipeline.

Princes Dock

A year or so ago, it was mentioned that there were plans to build a new set of shops and cafes underneath Princes Quay. I've not heard anything since or seen any more plans about it but these new plans here tell me that they are still happening. Instead of the large barriers that surround the dock and Princes Quay, they are building steps going down to the waters edge, a sort of viewing platform that i think will give access to the new shops.

So there are just a few of the plans for Hull in the upcoming years. I really hope that they are as good as the drawings and live up to expectations. Hopefully with the revamp and being city of culture 2017, it will get Hull back on the map and encourage more visitors to the city.

** All pictures courtesy of Hull Daily Mail **

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Truffle Shuffle Wishlist #1 // T-Shirts

I am a child of the 80s ( i was born in 1986 ) and i absolutely love the cult kids programmes that were around in that decade not to mention the films! With the likes of Labrynth, The Goonies & Thundercats, we really were spoilt for choice. Unlike the shite that is on TV for kids these days, we had it great!

Truffle Shuffle has been one of my favourite websites for years. They sell all kinds of things from T-Shirts to lunchboxes and all of them are emblazoned with retro tv shows or recent movies such as Harry Potter. I can't help but desire everything on their website so i have put together a wishlist of the T-Shirts that i so desperately crave.

HP Hogwarts House T-shirts - Gryffindor // Hufflepuff // Ravenclaw // Slytherin

It's no secret that i love Harry Potter and i'm convinced my mum hid my Hogwarts acceptance letter. When you are asked which house you would rather be in at Hogwarts, the most common response is Gryffindor but i don't think i could choose, hence why i need every single one of these t-shirts. One just wouldn't be enough.

Nostalgic T-Shirts - The Goonies // Marauders Map // The Raccoons // Alice In Wonderland // Labrynth // Round The Twist // Thundercats // Cherry Coke // Pinky & The Brain
Alot of you will probably have never heard of the tv shows/movies mentioned above but i insist that you try and find them online or on DVD because they are well worth watching. Thundercats was my all time favourite kids show when i was little and Labrynth & The Goonies are the films of my childhood. There is about £180 worth of t-shirts here but i need them all no word of a lie, i can't choose!!

Do you recognise any of the 80s classics here? Did you watch them yourself? Let me know :)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The British Tag

I stumbled across this Tag while reading Rikki's blog and i knew i had to do it myself. I'm all about being British and i'm proud of where i come from so this one was definitely for me.

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?

I absolutely despise tea. The smell alone makes me feel nauseous let alone the taste. I'm a coffee drinker and i drink alot of it so let's go with how many cups of coffee etc. Well i'll have 2 coffees in the morning as i can't function properly until i've had my fix of caffeine. I like it really strong ( at least 2 spoonfuls of coffee ), the tiniest amount of milk and half a spoon of sugar. I might aswell just have it straight black really.

2. Favourite part of your roast

There is no favourite part to a roast dinner as the whole thing is a piece of beautiful edible art. The most obvious part would be the meat but as much as i love it, i have to say that the gravy makes the dish. You can't have a roast without gravy but it has to be the one my mum makes, it's incredibly good.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit

I've never dunked biscuits in my life as the thought of it makes me feel sick. When i hear someone talk about a dunking that's gone wrong and it leaves a mushy residue at the bottom, i feel physically ill. Keep the biscuits seperate!

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

It would have to be chilling out in a pub garden on a sunny day.

5. Favourite word?

Ridiculous. It's a word that i use more than most to describe things wether good or bad. That's the problem with the English language, once you find a word you like, you don't realise how much you use it in conversation.

6. Cockney rhyme slang?

Well i'm not a cockney but my favourite rhyming slang would have to be jimmy riddle which i think means going for a piss? Lol 

7. Favourite sweet/ chocolate

Us brits are bloody good at sweet/chocolate making and we have some brilliant goodies but my all time favourite old school sweets would have to be Rhubarb and Custard. They scream British to me and taste so bloody good! Oh and cola cubes...and galaxy ripple...and maltesers...shut up Kate.

8. What would your pub be called?

The thought of having my own pub worries me for many reasons but if i had the opportunity to name my very own public house it would be called ' The Karty ' which is a mix of mine and Carl's names

9. No.1 British person

 Prince Harry is an absolute legend. He's now 4th in line to the throne and he's such a playboy! He's rebelling against royal life and i love him for it. Also Mick Jagger is a hero

10. Favourite shop / restaurant

This is kind of awkward because so many shops have been bought by foreign companies but i have to say that i have a real soft spot for Hugh Rice the Jewelers. I love my bling and that shop has some beautiful pieces...shame i can't afford any of them

11. What British song pops into your head?

Oh Bla Di - The Beatles

12. Marmite.

I'm in the 'hate' section for Marmite i'm afraid. My mum and brother absolutely love the stuff but i think it's vile. I have tried it and it made me sneeze so i take that as a sign that my body rejected it.

I'm pretty sure that all my fellow brits will be interested in doing this tag so i tag all of you :)