Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Day At Normanby Hall

Saz and her class were very lucky to be asked to attend her teachers wedding and to sing at the service. It was held at Normanby Hall in Lincolnshire and seeing as me and Carl had to take her anyway, we thought we would make the most of it.

Saz ( third from right ) with all ( well most of ) her class mates

The grounds were absolutely stunning and very different to what i was expecting. The hall itself is beautiful and even though i didn't get chance to have a look inside, i can imagine it's pretty oppulent with it's decor and furnishings. 

Was pretty weird seeing Sarah's old school teacher dressed up for her wedding when i'm so used to seeing her dressed like a teacher haha. She looked beautiful though and Saz is sad that she won't see her again now that she's off to secondary school.

While Saz was inside for the wedding, me & Carl and all the other parents took advantage of the nice weather and sat outside on the grass. We took some snacks and just monged out. Me & Carl started talking about our own wedding and what we would like for the day ( not engaged yet but we still talk about it ). I would love to get married somewhere like this but seems pointless considering we aren't from this side of the water. 

Love taking photos of him when he least expects it hehe                
When the service was done, her teacher and her new husband ( who happens to be the head teacher of the school ) came out to thank them all for singing and to take some photos. I managed to get this one which i think is pretty cool. 

Overall it was a really nice day and a lovely place and Sarah had a nice time seeing her mates and one of her favourite teachers ever. It was also a nice opportunity for me and Carl to relax in the sun and take some time out. 


  1. Looks like such a gorgeous place - lovely photos too! This is so nice of Saz's teacher and you had fantastic weather for it :-)

    1. It really is, it's more suited for familes so the kids can run around but a gorgeous place. And yeah, very lucky with the weather, with somewhere like that you need the perfect weather if you're getting married


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