Sunday, 13 July 2014

An Interview With..... My Daughter

My 11 year old daughter Sarah has been nagging and nagging to be a part of Pieces Of Kate somehow but i couldn't think of anything she could really do. That was until i thought i would interview her! So Saz when you read this sweetheart, you can say that you are part of blogging history!

Me - So Saz, how's things?

Saz - Good, how's life? I'm so fabulous i know 

Me - Great. I'm alright thanks Saz 

Me - Are you excited about moving to secondary school in September?

Saz No. But i am excited about the uniform and stuff

Me - Right i see. Do you have a boyfriend? And if you do why don't i know about him?

Saz - I almost have a boyfriend, gonna ask him out at school

Me - What!? Who is this boy?!!

Saz - Well i asked him out a couple of weeks ago but he said he would have to think about it and if he says no i'm going to slap him in the face

Me - Well i don't think slapping him will make him change his mind Saz 

Saz - It will

Me - Right well moving on then...

Me - What do you think of me having a blog?

Saz - Good because you give me cool products that i can play and mess around with

Me - I give you them because i have no use for them, they're not toys Sazza

Saz - I don't care they're cool

Me - Right then. 

Me - Is it cool having a mum that makes YouTube videos?

Saz - Yes because they are funny and cool and you play games that my fave youtubers play

Me - On a scale of 1-10, how cool am i?

Saz - 10+ narwhals out of -10 dolphins

Me -.....Right....i'll take that as a compliment Saz, cheers

Saz - ( Starts giggling )

Me - You've got your 6 weeks hols coming up. Lots of lie in's yeah?

Saz - No, well sometimes but i'll be playing out and shopping getting whatever i want

Me - Oh really and you're shopping with what money exactly?

Saz - I'm saving up but you and Carl are buying my clothes

Me - Cheeky bugger!

Saz - Yep

Me - So who is your fave celebrity these days?

Saz - Kim Kardashian

Me - Oh my god why? She's pointless!

Saz - Because she's funny, cool and pretty

Me - Whatever, we clearly see two very different people.

Saz - Yes

Me - Do you want me and Carl to get married?

Saz - Yes then i can be at the top of the class register

Me - Is that really the only reason?

Saz - No because then i can have a sister

Me - But we can have a baby without getting married you know

Saz - Yeah but i want a sister before i leave secondary school, then i can go pick her up from little school can't i.

Me - Right ok fair enough, steering away from the question there but that's fine. So you want us to have another baby, get married...anything else?

Saz - Yeah i want to have my own pet

Me - But we already have two cats

Saz - But they aren't really mine, i want my very own 

Me - Ok so what would you want?

Saz - A lizard and a turtle

Me - Erm ok i'll see what we can do

Saz - Cheers

Saz then told me she had a game to play on the Xbox and the interview was subsequently finished. I have a strange daughter.


  1. Slap him in the face hahaa sounds like my daughter! x


    1. It's her favourite method to get what she wants, sounds like our daughters are on the same page lol x

  2. Hahah I love her just a little bit! That girl knows what she wants. Also please tell her from me if that boy at school had to even THINK about it then he's not even worth her time and she should aim for someone far better ;-) #agonyauntcharley

    1. Hahahaha excellent advice, i couldn't have said it better myself. She is definitely her own person no doubt about it. I think i may have to bring her along to meet you all at some point xx


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