Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lincs Blog Meet // The Day

** I will say in advance that i have had to nick some photos from other bloggers as i only took one the whole day so massive thanks to Alex & Amy **

Going to this meet was a complete spare of the moment idea for the Hull Bloggers. We literally rallied around on Twitter, had a bit of a natter and within 15 minutes it was decided that we were going. I offered to be the designated driver for Alex, Megan & Lucy which was both good and bad. Good being that it was an absolute barrel of laughs for the whole trip but bad in the fact that we all live in different parts of Hull & Grimsby and we had to be in Lincoln for 10:30am. This wasn't easy especially when i had been working 11 hour days all week and i was absolutely nackered! But after being chased by an old woman at 90mph and driving through a strange village full of scarecrows, we arrived in Lincoln...late.

When we located Bel, she gave us the list for the treasure hunt but because we were late, hungry and had no idea where we were, we gave up after 3 of them haha. 

After abusing Google maps and going round in countless circles, we managed to find ASK Italian which is where the meet was being held. We were kindly given the area upstairs that was nice and cool which was a welcome relief as it was ridiculously warm that day.

On arrival, we were all mixed up at the tables so that we mingled with other bloggers which was a nice touch.At our place, we were greeted with a recipe book kindly given to us by ASK full of Italian recipes. Unfortunately, i'm really not a fan of Italian food so i gave this to my mum but what a generous gift!

Just as i sat down, the waitress was already making her way down the table taking orders. Because i don't like Italian food i thought i would just end up with a glass of coke but i noticed on the specials board that they were doing whitebait so i went for that and my god it was delicious. 

Once all the food was polished off, we were given a talk by a lovely lady called Una from Weleda. She gave us a real insight into the company and it was really interesting. A selection of products were handed round for us to try but because my skin is extremely sensitive and i take care not to try anything i'm unfamiliar with, i only smelt them. Some smelt incredible but others weren't really to my taste ( no i didn't eat them! You know what i mean ). She also told us that Simon Cowell is a big fan of the products..nothing like a name drop haha. 

We were also fortunate enough to have a nice ( if not short ) chat from a Boots skincare representative who was good enough to step in at the last minute. She was so sorry that it was all rushed and she couldn't stay for longer but she was incredibly friendly. She gave us a huge bag of skin care samples and i mean huge. Again because of my skin i knew i would be unable to get any use out of them but i have given them to my daughter and she loves them.

Between talks, Bel & Amy did a raffle and i was fortunate to win something! I never win anything so i was a little overwhelmed. My prize was really cool but i'll talk about that in my next post.

Being mixed up gave us the opportunity to talk to other bloggers. I was sat with Charley, Megan & Courtney who i am already good friends with but i also got chatting to Kariss & Natalie who are both really nice and hopefully we'll meet again another time.

As the day rolled to an end, we were given the most incredible goodie bags ( again i will talk about this in the next post ), we settled the bill, posed for photos and made our merry way back home. 

I didn't get to chat to everyone which is a real shame as everyone was really nice and chilled out but i had such a great day even though i was pretty much running on steam after a very long week at work but Amy & Bel did a cracking job at organising everything, i really take my hat off to them. Big thanks to both of you!!


  1. It was great to meet you! Hopefully we'll bump into each other again!

    1. Absolutely! We're having another meet in Hull this year, you should deffo get yourself up here :) Would be great to see you again xx


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