Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My Travel Destination Wishlist

I've never been one to travel the globe on a gap year type jolly, the whole experience of hostels, visas, having to work in a foreign country never appealed to me. But that doesn't mean i don't love to travel to places for a holiday. 

Unfortunately i haven't been able to go abroad since 2007 for a few reasons. The main one being Sarah who as anyone will know, i cannot take out of school during term time. And to go away during school holidays means selling a kidney to fund it. Not to mention the fact me and Carl work a hell of a lot and find it very hard to book any time off. But i like to think that we will be going abroad again really soon and i have my eye on a few destinations... 

 My family and i went on holiday to Greece every year for about 6 years with 2 other families and we went to a different place each time. Zante, Crete, Corfu, Halkidiki...i loved them all! Well Corfu has some bad memories but the place was amazing. I really miss Greece. I miss the food, the people, the scenery. It's such a beautiful place.

This will probably not come as such a huge surprise to most of you but yes, i still want to go to New York. I hate looking like a tourist in a new place but frankly if i was to have a week in New York i wouldn't give a damn what i looked like. I would walk those streets with a map and a camera and i would love every second of it.

I've mentioned previously that i have already been to Paris but because i was so young, i couldn't fully appreciate it. I want to back now as an adult and experience all the sights and sounds that i can vaguely remember from when i was a kid. I also want to visit The Louvre and get to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I love France and have seen most of it now but to go back to Paris and see it through the eyes of an adult would be a very different experience.

Venice is one of those places that looks like it's something created for a movie set. I have to verify these stories of it literally being a floating city. I also want to enjoy a gondola ride and have some guy in a stripy shirt singing away while he pushes us down the canals. I want to experience it soooo bad!


  1. Ohh such good picks! I really want to go to Greece, Santorini looks gorgeous. On the list for next year! :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Santorini is amazing but i only went for 2 days so i didn't get a proper chance to see it all. You will love Greece it's absolutely incredible xx

  2. Greece is Gorgeous, we love Skiathos! Also New York is amazing, only for 4 days or so but it's a great place!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Skiathos was one place we wanted to go but never had the chance so it's def on this bucket list. Yeah i always thought NY would be amazing but only for a few days, any longer and it would be a bit 'Sex & The City' overload i think xx


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