Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Plans For Hull Transformation

Most of Hull will agree with me when i say that we do get forgotten about up here. Surprisingly, alot of the UK don't even know where Hull is! We have so much history here and we have produced some of Britains most recognised celebrities such as Tom Courtenay, Maureen Lipman & Luke Campbell not to mention historical figures such as Amy Johnson & William Wilberforce.

But now we are firmly on the map after winning the bid for City Of Culture 2017 and my god Hull has got some great plans for it including a huge revamp of the city centre.

I hate to admit it, but Hull is falling apart architectural wise and our streets have been left to rot but now we have been given the money to do a complete overhaul of some of the most recognisable places including Princes Dock & Victoria Square. The Hull Daily Mail ( our local tabloid ) has recently disclosed artists impressions of the upcoming plans and here they are...

Victoria Square

I would say that Victoria Square is the most central part of Hull City Centre and probably the most open/pedestrianised area. The plan is to fully extend the area with more paved walkways and adding fountains and LED lights. Also adding green areas and more seating. They also plan to move the William Wilberforce statue back to it's original place in Victoria Square ( It is currently outside Hull College ). I think all the plans are great and will really improve the area, it reminds me of Piccadilly Circus in Manchester.

Victoria Square At Night ( Artists Impression )

 Humber Street ( Fruit Market )

The Fruit Market is Hull's hidden little gem. It's not directly in the city centre and i think that's why it's been forgotten about but Humber Street is another area that is getting a make over. Over street lighting, new cafes and shops and a newly paved street are in the pipeline.

Princes Dock

A year or so ago, it was mentioned that there were plans to build a new set of shops and cafes underneath Princes Quay. I've not heard anything since or seen any more plans about it but these new plans here tell me that they are still happening. Instead of the large barriers that surround the dock and Princes Quay, they are building steps going down to the waters edge, a sort of viewing platform that i think will give access to the new shops.

So there are just a few of the plans for Hull in the upcoming years. I really hope that they are as good as the drawings and live up to expectations. Hopefully with the revamp and being city of culture 2017, it will get Hull back on the map and encourage more visitors to the city.

** All pictures courtesy of Hull Daily Mail **


  1. I love your Hull posts, I did a post on Hulls reputation and the city of culture! http://aliciadeyes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/welcome-to-my-home-hull-city-of-culture.html

    1. Aw thankyou! Oh that sounds interesting i'll go and have a read now :) xx


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