Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Hull Accent Explained #3

I'm back with another installment of The Hull Accent Explained. You guys love this! It pleases me, it really does.

A Chav - This is used in most cities and towns but it is excessively used in Hull. A Chav is someone who wears tracksuit bottoms that are tucked into socks. Nike air trainers, gold chains, Burberry caps, Stoneferry jackets. They generally knock around outside shops drinking cheap cider. 

A Townie - A scaled down version of a Chav. They wear the same as a chav but not to the same extent. A Townie lass will wear a really tight dress but have Nike Airs on her feet. A lad will wear a suit but have a Burberry cap on their head. An odd breed.

A Trendy - The people who dress to impress, hence the name "trendy". They generally knock about in smart clothes, well groomed, think the sun shines out their arse because they're wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

A Codhead - This is a name given to every single person who lives in Hull but it's not by choice. This is the name given to us by people who live on the south of the Humber. To them we are known as "Codheads", to us, they are known as "Yellowbellies".

A Munter - A term generally aimed at women. It basically means you are ugly as sin. 

Mafted - A Hull term for being too hot. 

Getting Brayed - A term used by the younger Hull folk. To "get brayed" means to get your head kicked in. Not very pleasant.

On The Blob - A rather unpleasant way to tell someone you are on your period. Though why you would want to tell anyone i don't know.

Chowed at - All of us have been "chowed at" at some point in our life. To get chowed at in Hull means that you are getting shouted at. A good telling off if you will.


  1. I'm from Barnsley and we use a lot of these and a lot of stranger ones besides! I worked in Hull for 4 months the other year and loved how people said things like phooooone

    1. I think alot of words are similar in Yorkshire, just each area has it's own way of saying it you know what i mean? Hahah yeah! Saying "Phern" instead of "Phone" x

  2. As a hull lass myself this made me chuckle. Going to be a lot of questions my way when I move to uni. :D. Loving your blog. Xx

    1. Argh i'm so sorry i'm late replying to this i've only just seen it! Damn you blogger! So pleased you liked it, you understand where i'm coming from i wish more would haha. Our accent is definitely one of the best, if not THE best in my opinion.

      Thanks chick good luck with uni !! xxx

    2. Thanks hun. Uni is great. Already met a lass who loves my accent. Am wanting to start a blog...any tips?

    3. Sorry again for my late reply, blogger is crap at letting me know i have new comments. Ok the best advice i can give is blog about what you are passionate about. Alot of blogs are fashion or beauty related but that doesn't mean you should do the same. Always be about yourself and what you want to write, readers prefer the real you rather than someone who follows the crowd xx


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