Sunday, 31 August 2014

Lush Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub // Review

The problem with having very dry skin that goes from being really sore one minute to peeling away the next, is that it's really difficult finding the right skincare products that create the right balance. I use the Clinique 3 step skincare system daily which is amazing for keeping my skin smooth and hydrated, but when the cold weather kicks in and the dead skin starts to build up, i need something a bit stronger.

I have used every facial scrub on the market and not a single one has given me 100% perfect results. The problem with most scrubs, is that the grains are just not coarse enough and are way too gentle to scrub dead skin away so i went looking for something else and came across the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub from Lush

The first thing i noticed about this product was the smell, it smells absolutely divine. Really citrusy and sweet. It contains sea salt, grapfruit and lime amongst other ingredients like coconut oil, seawead and avocado butter.

When i applied this to my face, it was really rough which is exactly what i was after from a scrub. After i washed it off, my skin felt instantly polished and smoothed out. I had a look at my nose and chin where my skin peels alot and there were no flakes at all. About an hour later, my face felt a little sore but because my skin is really sensitive i expected it. After a couple more uses, my face has calmed down alot and is used to the roughness of the scrub.

This pot cost £7.25 for 120g. It's a small pot and is quite pricey but i only use this one a week so it will last a fair while. If you have skin that is prone to dead skin build up and you have tried everything else out there, get your hands on a pot of this.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Songs & The Memories They Hold

I was listening to some music on YouTube and got sucked into a vortex of retro songs from my childhood and teens and thought i would do a post about some of my favourite songs and the memories they take me back to.

Bon Jovi // Always -  This takes me back to when i was Best Woman for my friends civil partnership. I was so honoured to be given such an amazing role in their big day and this song was so perfect for them, they were a true match.

Vera Lynn // We'll Meet Again - Myself and my mates all gathered together in a huge circle with our arms round each other singing this on our last day of school. There was about 60 of us and we were an incredibly close crowd and after spending 7 years in each others company, we were scared of going our seperate ways but thankfully we all stayed great friends.

T-Rex // I Love To Boogie - My dad used to sing this to Sarah when she was a toddler and she used to giggle and dance along to it if it ever came on the radio or tv. She still sings it now.

Dr Hook // Sexy Eyes - My dad was a massive fan of Dr Hook and this was one of his favourite songs and i remember him singing it to my mum alot. In a way when i think about it, it's kind of gross but i suppose to them it was romantic. ( Secretly throwing up here )

Fatman Scoop // Be Faithful ( Put you hands up ) - This song takes me back to my clubbing days with my mate Gemma. We used to go to a pretty decent club in Hull called Heaven & Hell and we would always stay upstairs in heaven because the music was more club/dance. When this song came on, me and Gem would nail that dance floor and go absolutely mental. Good times.

All Saints // Pure Shores - Back in my teens when i was on holiday in Greece, my family got talking to 2 other families and we all became really close for the 2 weeks we were there and were pretty much inseperable. The kids were me, Craig, Leanne, Lucy, Rob, Melissa & Dan. On our last night while our parents all stayed at the hotel, we all went down to the beach with blankets and a small cd player. We all sat on the beach watching the sun come up and this song was playing in the background. It was a complete coincidence that this song came on when we were sat on a beach but everytime i listen to it, it takes me back to that moment when i was sat with some new friends who made my holiday go from great to amazing.

Hanson // Weird - During a dance show, i did a solo dance to this and i was terrified because i had never danced to a ballad before but it was met with amazing reception and my dance teacher came to me afterwards and told me that i moved her to tears and told me how proud she was of me. I miss her so much she was such an inspiration to me that woman. Love you Trish!

Chicane // Saltwater - This tune holds quite a few memories for me but the most special one is when i danced to it during a state dance championships back when i was 13. There were 6 of us in the group that were chosen to do the piece and we spent months preparing for this 4 minute dance. We went through every problem that could happen and expected everything to fall apart but on the day we were in sync, we looked absolutely amazing ( if i do say so myself ) and we came second out of 79 other academys. That was one hell of a triumph let me tell you.

Basement Jaxx // Red Alert - Oh wow this song takes me back to when LA's nightclub was still around in Hull. They used to hold an under 18s night there every thursday and i went without fail every week. This used to blast out about half way through the night and it got everyone up dancing. The bass from this used to make the building shake it was epic.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Aviva Dresses

Every woman dreams of that perfect dress. The one that makes you stand out from the crowd, the one that makes you look and feel like a princess. I won't lie, i'm one of them. So i was really happy when Zoe contacted me from avivadress asking me to write up a blog post talking about her lovely shop that not only stocks dresses, but all the lovely added extras every bride needs such as veils and jewellery. 

So if you're on the lookout for the perfect wedding dress, a glitzy cocktail dress or a fairy tale prom dress, this is the site for you.

Oh surprise surprise, the first thing i did was have a look at the wedding dresses. I've made it obvious to most people that when i get married, i want a big dress. This one caught my eye straight away, it's simply beautiful with it's intricate bead work. But what stunned me more than the beautiful gown, was the price....£79.99! WHAT?! Less that £80 for a wedding dress?! And aswell as being able to choose a size like 12,14 etc, you can also have it custom made within 12-15 days. I have never seen such a bargain!

Pink used to be my colour of choice for everything but for the past few months, i have been loving blue. But it has to be a specific kind of blue and this evening dress is the perfect shade. The bead work is absolutely breath taking and you can tell that some serious effort went into making this. I love the thigh split ( though you would definitely need a good pair of pins to pull it off, unfortunately i don't ). I've never had any reason to wear an evening dress but if i did, i want something similar to this if not the real thing. The price? A mere steal at £79.99, i'm shocked. A dress like this should sell for hundreds!

Back in 2002 when it was my school prom, there was a girl who was plus size and she had to have her dress specially made for her and have it sent from America. This really killed her inside because no website or shop in the UK stocked her size. Aviva dresses come in all sizes from petite to plus size and i love them for that. This absolutely beautiful sunshine yellow plus size prom dress jumped out at me because the first thing i thought when i saw it was how similar it is to the dress that Belle wears in Beauty & The Beast ( albeit without the straps ). All girls should look beautiful at their prom no matter what their size or body shape so well done to Aviva for making dresses for all shapes and sizes and having them all on the same website.

So if you want to be the belle of the ball in a stunning prom dress or be the blushing bride in a custom made wedding dress, head over to , you won't be dissapointed. Trust me.

Disclaimer - I was contacted on behalf of to write a blog post with my own personal views and they have paid me for the priviledge. I have not been influenced in any way shape or form, all opinions are 100% my own.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Emma Bridgewater Mini Haul

I really like the Emma Bridgewater collection. I don't know what it is that pulls me in so much but i love anything that's a bit different. I went on Amazon a couple of nights ago and had a good look at what was on offer and settled for these three things...

First up is a set of 3 notebooks. I fill notebooks so damn fast, it's getting a bit out of hand really. As a parent and an adult, i find myself having to write notes for everything and with being a blogger and a Youtuber, i'm jotting down notes more than ever. These notebooks are quite small so they're great for carrying around in my handbag. One will be used for everyday note taking like shopping lists and also for keeping track of the holiday fund and everything we need to buy. Another will be used strictly for blogging and the last one will be used for keeping track of my Youtube videos.

Next up is this Day to Day to do list. Even though i have a diary and i make lists all the time, i still find that i always forget about certain errands or appointments so this is going to come in really handy. I can also write down things that are relevant to Sarah & Carl too and stick it up so that all of us can see it and then when it's done, i can tick it off! Brilliant.

Finally, i bought this travel document holder .When it comes to travelling, i am so paranoid about loosing the important stuff like money and passports so i bought this so that i can keep all of our stuff together. It's quite substantial and has various compartments for passports, boarding cards, tickets, debit cards etc so it's really handy and there is no way in hell i am letting Carl look after this when we go on holiday, it's being kept safely in my bag at all times.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Primark Haul

It's a rare occasion that i am able to spoil myself as normally, all mine and Carl's money goes on bills, the car and Sarah. But now with us saving up for a holiday next year, we decided that i should have a little blow out before we are literally putting every penny into the holiday fund. Off to Primark i went!

So i bought sweets in Primark. And? Well it was Carl who bought them. Minions, Haribo, sugar. It's a neccessity.

I desperately needed some new girly boxers that i usually wear with a tshirt when i go to bed. Carl found the Ghostbuster ones and decided i should get them as they were glow in the dark, he's such a child sometimes. Girly boxers are so comfortable, i recommend every woman buying them.

Black leggings are a staple in my wardrobe as they are so versatile. I wear them for work aswell so i bought another 2 pairs. Seriously, i must have at least 10 pairs of plain black ones but they are an integral part of my wardrobe.

I saw these when i was at the checkout and had to get them. I love anything fun and quirky and these socks were definitely that. I also got a pair of Finding Nemo ones but Sarah swiftly took them off me and claimed them as her own.

Owning a simple black vest is like having an LBD, it's a staple. You can dress it up or down and is always a go to item in anyones wardrobe. This one is also really long so it will cover a multitude of sins thankfully.

I'm not one of those people that have to buy a new accessory because it looks nice or because it's the new 'in thing' to own, i have to literally batter it until it falls apart before i even consider spending money on a new one. My make up bag has really seen better days, i've had it for at least 6/7 years and it's just disgusting so when i saw this little beauty i snapped it up. I love the Union Jack design on it.

50 bobbles for £1. Primark you are star. Me and Sarah wear bobbles every day so it's inevitable that they either snap or in Sarah's case, get lost. I knew i had to buy some new ones and when i saw i could get this many for such a stupidly cheap price i snapped them right up.

So this is a bit quirky isn't it! Don't worry, i don't plan to go walking down the street wearing this ensemble ( though it is tempting ). I think they're meant to be PJs but i think i would be way too hot wearing these in bed so i would wear them just to lounge about in. I best get my fill out of them because before i know it, Carl will start to wear them. He's already worn my dressing gown and my Cruella De'vil lounge bottoms!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Polagram App & Photo Review

What i've discovered while owning an Iphone, is how tricky it is to be able to print the photo's. For a long time now, i've been spending hours at a time sending my photo's from the Iphone via email so i can print them from a memory stick. As far as i'm concerned that's just too much faff so i was thrilled when i came across this app that allows me to have my photos printed and sent to my door.

The app in question is Polagram and it is a free app from the Apple App Store. It's so simple to use. Firstly you choose which type of photo you want which is a photobook, phone cases, prints, large prints or a poster. I just wanted normal prints so i went for the polastyle ( polaroid ) 4x4 which are 29p per photo. Pretty damn reasonable in my opinion. 

The whole ordering process is so simple. You let the app have access to your photos, then all you do is select each one you want printed. Depending on how many you have chosen, the length of time it will take to upload them will vary but i chose 48 and it took around 10 minutes so even then it's not a lengthy process. Once you have chosen you prints and made your payment via Paypal, your work is done and it's over to Polagram who will print the photos and ship them the following day. 

I ordered mine on the Friday and they took 8 days to be delivered. I didn't know this but the postal mark on the envelope was German, i was expecting them to be printed in the UK so that was why it took a while for delivery.

The prints came in this pink envelope inside a cardboard envelope so they were well packaged. There were no leaflets or sales hype, just the prints and i love that as generally with things like this, you get a load of irrelevant literature from 3rd parties.

The prints are the size of my hand and i love them. The only downside is that when you order polaroid prints, you expect the white border which i clearly didn't get but it's no big deal. The photo's are brilliant quality considering they came from a phone and not a digital camera. One of them unfortunately didn't come out very well as the sides were cut off but apart from that one, i'm really happy overall.

I will be using the app again. It's best to use it when you have a lot of photos to print otherwise it just doesn't seem worthwhile waiting over a week for them. And at 29p a print, you can't go wrong with the price. This lot cost me just over £15. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Family Day in York

Me and Carl booked the week off work ( and boy did we need some time off ) and because Saz is on her summer holidays, it was a chance for us to take her out and have some family time. Sarah has wanted to go to York Dungeons for a while so we decided a day in York was on the cards.

The day started off with a minor emergency when just as we were driving out of the area, i discovered a hole in my leggings. After a detour to Asda to pick up some more and getting changed in the car, which was a real challenge, we headed up North.

Because of some pretty bad traffic on the main route, we took a diversion through some villages and i was rudely awoken by Carl shouting ' OH MY GOD'! I naturally freaked out thinking we had crashed, but instead he did a U turn and whizzed us back down the road to where he noticed a field of Llama's. He has a real soft spot for the animals so he was very excited and insisted i took a photo. The one of the right watched us the whole time, even when we were driving off.

About 10 minutes from York, we were hungry so we pulled into Fulford and we got a sandwich. We pulled up next to this beautiful B&B called The Plough which i thought looked majorly pretty don't you think?

We all got a bacon butty and the breadcakes they came in were absolutely huge! This one here was as big as the paper bag...and it was only a medium!!!

On arrival in York, we found a carpark right next to York Castle. It's a pretty amazing site and i was tempted to clamber up it at one point but i was nursing the most horrendous headache so left it for another day. What i will say though, is why the hell are the carparks in York so damn small and compact? We don't all drive Micra's you know!

We were pretty fortunate to see that the queue for York Dungeons wasn't particularly long and that it wasn't raining. While we waited to get in, we were entertained by this guy who was prancing up and down the street making bad jokes and playing games.In all fairness he was pretty funny.

As we drew closer to the entrance, i noticed the name of the street and for a reason unkown to me, it made me giggle. 

I was really hoping to get a load of photos when we got inside but unfortunately, we weren't allowed to use cameras booooooooo! I did manage to get a snap of this little board at the beginning that showed all the different parts of the tour.

The whole experience was different to what i expected. I was expecting to walk around and see different set ups behind a mesh wall with little fact boards dotted around. Instead it was really interactive and there was a different person acting out the part for each area. Carl was dragged up by the torturer where he had his thumbs put in a thumb screw and other things. When the torturer shouted at him ' WHERE IS IT, WHERE IS IT'? Carl replied with ' Look in my girlfriends bag ' !! The cheeky shit lol. At the end, it was all about burning witches and the witch smeller said that the woman who was being burnt had sacrificed one of my sheep! I wasn't happy lol.

When we first got inside, we stood for photos which we could pick up later. The first one was of Sarah holding up a sign where she had been accused of being a witch and me and Carl had to stand and point at her in shock. The second we had to look at this patch on the floor and have a look of disgust on our faces. We later discovered that the photos had been photoshopped onto backgrounds. The first with Sarah we had the judge stood behind us, the second, we were looking over the plague ridden body of the doctor. We had to buy them both as they were just too funny.

Saz wanted to get her second ear piercing done so instead of walking around York centre trying to find somewhere ( even though i really wanted to ), we ended up going to York Designer Outlet, somewhere i've never been before. I was pretty overwhelmed by how big the place was. I've only ever been to Trafford Centre before and that was only briefly, i've never even been to Meadowhall so this was a whole new world to me.

So after a walk around the shops and being pissed off at the fact i was skint and couldn't buy anything from Calvin Klein, we went to Claire's to get her ears pierced. Sarah was about 10 months old when she had her ears pierced the first time so she couldn't remember how it felt but she was very brave and it was over within seconds. 

I discovered the Cadbury factory store just before we left and i had no choice but to go in, i was being called by the chocolate gods and ended up buying a massive bag of Cadbury white buttons that i haven't seen since i was a kid! I was very giddy when i bought these, probably a bit too over excited.

We had a really good day out and even though i didn't get chance to have a good shop around in York, it was still a worthwhile trip out. And Carl & Saz had a great day too.