Saturday, 23 August 2014

Aviva Dresses

Every woman dreams of that perfect dress. The one that makes you stand out from the crowd, the one that makes you look and feel like a princess. I won't lie, i'm one of them. So i was really happy when Zoe contacted me from avivadress asking me to write up a blog post talking about her lovely shop that not only stocks dresses, but all the lovely added extras every bride needs such as veils and jewellery. 

So if you're on the lookout for the perfect wedding dress, a glitzy cocktail dress or a fairy tale prom dress, this is the site for you.

Oh surprise surprise, the first thing i did was have a look at the wedding dresses. I've made it obvious to most people that when i get married, i want a big dress. This one caught my eye straight away, it's simply beautiful with it's intricate bead work. But what stunned me more than the beautiful gown, was the price....£79.99! WHAT?! Less that £80 for a wedding dress?! And aswell as being able to choose a size like 12,14 etc, you can also have it custom made within 12-15 days. I have never seen such a bargain!

Pink used to be my colour of choice for everything but for the past few months, i have been loving blue. But it has to be a specific kind of blue and this evening dress is the perfect shade. The bead work is absolutely breath taking and you can tell that some serious effort went into making this. I love the thigh split ( though you would definitely need a good pair of pins to pull it off, unfortunately i don't ). I've never had any reason to wear an evening dress but if i did, i want something similar to this if not the real thing. The price? A mere steal at £79.99, i'm shocked. A dress like this should sell for hundreds!

Back in 2002 when it was my school prom, there was a girl who was plus size and she had to have her dress specially made for her and have it sent from America. This really killed her inside because no website or shop in the UK stocked her size. Aviva dresses come in all sizes from petite to plus size and i love them for that. This absolutely beautiful sunshine yellow plus size prom dress jumped out at me because the first thing i thought when i saw it was how similar it is to the dress that Belle wears in Beauty & The Beast ( albeit without the straps ). All girls should look beautiful at their prom no matter what their size or body shape so well done to Aviva for making dresses for all shapes and sizes and having them all on the same website.

So if you want to be the belle of the ball in a stunning prom dress or be the blushing bride in a custom made wedding dress, head over to , you won't be dissapointed. Trust me.

Disclaimer - I was contacted on behalf of to write a blog post with my own personal views and they have paid me for the priviledge. I have not been influenced in any way shape or form, all opinions are 100% my own.

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