Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Emma Bridgewater Mini Haul

I really like the Emma Bridgewater collection. I don't know what it is that pulls me in so much but i love anything that's a bit different. I went on Amazon a couple of nights ago and had a good look at what was on offer and settled for these three things...

First up is a set of 3 notebooks. I fill notebooks so damn fast, it's getting a bit out of hand really. As a parent and an adult, i find myself having to write notes for everything and with being a blogger and a Youtuber, i'm jotting down notes more than ever. These notebooks are quite small so they're great for carrying around in my handbag. One will be used for everyday note taking like shopping lists and also for keeping track of the holiday fund and everything we need to buy. Another will be used strictly for blogging and the last one will be used for keeping track of my Youtube videos.

Next up is this Day to Day to do list. Even though i have a diary and i make lists all the time, i still find that i always forget about certain errands or appointments so this is going to come in really handy. I can also write down things that are relevant to Sarah & Carl too and stick it up so that all of us can see it and then when it's done, i can tick it off! Brilliant.

Finally, i bought this travel document holder .When it comes to travelling, i am so paranoid about loosing the important stuff like money and passports so i bought this so that i can keep all of our stuff together. It's quite substantial and has various compartments for passports, boarding cards, tickets, debit cards etc so it's really handy and there is no way in hell i am letting Carl look after this when we go on holiday, it's being kept safely in my bag at all times.


  1. Oooh these are cute. I love Emma Bridgewater but I have no pennies to spend on the amazing things!!
    Lots of Loveeee ox.

    1. I don't now after these and booking the holiday lol. I'll get you something E.B for your birthday. Lurveeeee xxx


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