Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Family Day in York

Me and Carl booked the week off work ( and boy did we need some time off ) and because Saz is on her summer holidays, it was a chance for us to take her out and have some family time. Sarah has wanted to go to York Dungeons for a while so we decided a day in York was on the cards.

The day started off with a minor emergency when just as we were driving out of the area, i discovered a hole in my leggings. After a detour to Asda to pick up some more and getting changed in the car, which was a real challenge, we headed up North.

Because of some pretty bad traffic on the main route, we took a diversion through some villages and i was rudely awoken by Carl shouting ' OH MY GOD'! I naturally freaked out thinking we had crashed, but instead he did a U turn and whizzed us back down the road to where he noticed a field of Llama's. He has a real soft spot for the animals so he was very excited and insisted i took a photo. The one of the right watched us the whole time, even when we were driving off.

About 10 minutes from York, we were hungry so we pulled into Fulford and we got a sandwich. We pulled up next to this beautiful B&B called The Plough which i thought looked majorly pretty don't you think?

We all got a bacon butty and the breadcakes they came in were absolutely huge! This one here was as big as the paper bag...and it was only a medium!!!

On arrival in York, we found a carpark right next to York Castle. It's a pretty amazing site and i was tempted to clamber up it at one point but i was nursing the most horrendous headache so left it for another day. What i will say though, is why the hell are the carparks in York so damn small and compact? We don't all drive Micra's you know!

We were pretty fortunate to see that the queue for York Dungeons wasn't particularly long and that it wasn't raining. While we waited to get in, we were entertained by this guy who was prancing up and down the street making bad jokes and playing games.In all fairness he was pretty funny.

As we drew closer to the entrance, i noticed the name of the street and for a reason unkown to me, it made me giggle. 

I was really hoping to get a load of photos when we got inside but unfortunately, we weren't allowed to use cameras booooooooo! I did manage to get a snap of this little board at the beginning that showed all the different parts of the tour.

The whole experience was different to what i expected. I was expecting to walk around and see different set ups behind a mesh wall with little fact boards dotted around. Instead it was really interactive and there was a different person acting out the part for each area. Carl was dragged up by the torturer where he had his thumbs put in a thumb screw and other things. When the torturer shouted at him ' WHERE IS IT, WHERE IS IT'? Carl replied with ' Look in my girlfriends bag ' !! The cheeky shit lol. At the end, it was all about burning witches and the witch smeller said that the woman who was being burnt had sacrificed one of my sheep! I wasn't happy lol.

When we first got inside, we stood for photos which we could pick up later. The first one was of Sarah holding up a sign where she had been accused of being a witch and me and Carl had to stand and point at her in shock. The second we had to look at this patch on the floor and have a look of disgust on our faces. We later discovered that the photos had been photoshopped onto backgrounds. The first with Sarah we had the judge stood behind us, the second, we were looking over the plague ridden body of the doctor. We had to buy them both as they were just too funny.

Saz wanted to get her second ear piercing done so instead of walking around York centre trying to find somewhere ( even though i really wanted to ), we ended up going to York Designer Outlet, somewhere i've never been before. I was pretty overwhelmed by how big the place was. I've only ever been to Trafford Centre before and that was only briefly, i've never even been to Meadowhall so this was a whole new world to me.

So after a walk around the shops and being pissed off at the fact i was skint and couldn't buy anything from Calvin Klein, we went to Claire's to get her ears pierced. Sarah was about 10 months old when she had her ears pierced the first time so she couldn't remember how it felt but she was very brave and it was over within seconds. 

I discovered the Cadbury factory store just before we left and i had no choice but to go in, i was being called by the chocolate gods and ended up buying a massive bag of Cadbury white buttons that i haven't seen since i was a kid! I was very giddy when i bought these, probably a bit too over excited.

We had a really good day out and even though i didn't get chance to have a good shop around in York, it was still a worthwhile trip out. And Carl & Saz had a great day too.



  1. York dungeons is like my worst nightmare ! Glad you had a lovely day out though :D xx

    1. Aw it's amazing!! It's well worth going honestly no matter how squeemish you are. It was a shit hot day thankya :) xxx


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