Monday, 4 August 2014

Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge // Day 4. Your Least Favourite Female Character & Why

Of course i never have just one thing that i dislike so for this question, i have 2 characters that i don't like...

Cho Chang

Why she was chosen to be the focus of Harry's affections i don't know. It was clear from the start that she was a bloody tease and one man wasn't enough for her. Ok so you get Cedric Diggory ( who is gorgeous ) asking you to be your date for the Yule Ball, brilliant yes but then Harry Potter...THE CHOSEN ONE asks you yet you turn him down. Ok so it's a difficult situation but it's clear this girl wants the sodding lime light so go for Harry not Cedric! She annoyed me SO much! Not to mention the fact she gave away the room of requirements location the absolute cow! ( I know she was given truth serum but that's not the point )

Lavendar Brown

Oooo you irritating, clingy little...WITCH! It's hilarious the whole being in love with Ron when in all honesty he can't stand her but ugh she's just so damn cringeworthy! "My Won Won"...will someone please put her back on her leash pronto! Hate to say this and i don't mean to sound harsh but i'm glad she was killed off she was a pain in the arse for everyone.

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