Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge // Day 5. Your Favourite Male Character & Why

Why is it always just the one? Why can't it be many!? Gah, if i have to chose one then it has to be....

Neville Longbottom

Neville is an absolutely fantastic character and i have such a soft spot for him. He started off as being this weedy little lad who tried so hard to be in with the crowd even when it made him look like a complete prat. But as time progressed and with every passing year, he became, for want of a better word, a hero! When Harry started to believe in Neville and his capabilities, Neville started to believe in himself and i love that. He came good in the end by standing up to Voldemort and killing Nagini, who would've thought he was capable. He is a legend but the only thing that disappointed me about his character, was that he ended up marrying Hannah Abbott when he should of married Luna Lovegood...what a pair they would have made! Imagine the kids!

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