Thursday, 7 August 2014

Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge // Day 7. Your Favourite Female Character & Why

There are alot of good female characters in Harry Potter but my all time favourite has to be...

Luna Lovegood

 Luna Lovegood is a triumph. She is a bloody nutcase but is incredibly smart. The first time i came across Luna i was a bit "Oh great, the typical ditzy blonde" but i was soon prooved wrong and i instantly loved her. She reminds me of a cross between a sci fi geek and a flower child. I'm so gutted that she and Neville didn't get married, the pairing would've been fantastic as they are so well suited for each other. During the big fight at the end, Neville said he was going to find Luna and tell her he loves her. I like to think that he did but seriously Neville, why didn't you mean it?! :(

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