Saturday, 9 August 2014


There have been talks of us doing a box swap for some time now and a month or so ago, Hannah got the ball rolling and got it organised. We each had a name picked out the hat completely at random and the name that was pulled out would be the person we were making the box for. Needless to say it wasn't easy buying for someone i didn't know very well, infact i really bloody struggled and had to contact Hannah a few times so she could have a nosey around and see what my box swapper ( Joanna ) would like. Turns out Joanna loved her box and seemed really happy with everything she got so thumbs up.

I had no idea who my box would be coming from until i walked out of my house the other day to see Charley and Hannah standing at the end of my driveway. I had no idea what was happening or why they were there until Charley dived into her bag and pulled out a box! The penny dropped by that point even though i was definitely in a state of shock, i genuinely had no idea they were turning up. It was a nice surprise all the same and so that Saz didn't feel left out, Charley also gave her a little bag with some make up which i thought was majorly thoughtful and Sarah loves all of it so well done C.

Soooo what did i get in my box you ask?....


The first thing i picked up was a Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick. I've seen her collection and it's pretty amazing and Charley saw an opportunity with this one because it has my name on! Well, in a sense. Anyway, i have always had reservations about red lippy because i always feared it would wash me out with my skin tone but Charley chose wisely, this one was made for me. The shade is 01 and it's a stunning,very rich ruby red which when applied, actually suits me surprisingly well-. This is a new favourite.

Eyeliner is my #1 make up product and i have been a firm lover of liquid and kohl eyeliner for a very long time now but i have never considered a gel liner before. I don't know why i've never thought of using one before, i guess i'm a creature of habit but i'm looking forward to giving this a good test run.

I do love my nail varnishes, it's very rare my nails are bare ( ooo i threw in a little inpromptu poetry there for you ). I've never heard of this brand before but i love the colours. The gunmetal grey one is a new shade for me, i've never gone for a grey esque shade before so i'm excited to try this and pastel shades are one of my tried and true favourite nail colours and this one is beautiful.

And the last thing i got was this 'Pretty Edgy' eyeshadow palette from MUA. Charley either looks at my make up very carefully or she is some kind of wizard because the colours in this palette are right up my alley. There is a mix of shimmer and matte shadows which i love and the shades themselves are brilliant for doing a smokey eye.

So for my first box swap, i'm really happy with what i got. I can be very hard to buy for if you haven't known me for at least 10 years and she has only known me since March so i take my hat off to her. Thanks again for the box Charley. I love it.

You can have a look at Charley's blog here

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