Saturday, 16 August 2014

Polagram App & Photo Review

What i've discovered while owning an Iphone, is how tricky it is to be able to print the photo's. For a long time now, i've been spending hours at a time sending my photo's from the Iphone via email so i can print them from a memory stick. As far as i'm concerned that's just too much faff so i was thrilled when i came across this app that allows me to have my photos printed and sent to my door.

The app in question is Polagram and it is a free app from the Apple App Store. It's so simple to use. Firstly you choose which type of photo you want which is a photobook, phone cases, prints, large prints or a poster. I just wanted normal prints so i went for the polastyle ( polaroid ) 4x4 which are 29p per photo. Pretty damn reasonable in my opinion. 

The whole ordering process is so simple. You let the app have access to your photos, then all you do is select each one you want printed. Depending on how many you have chosen, the length of time it will take to upload them will vary but i chose 48 and it took around 10 minutes so even then it's not a lengthy process. Once you have chosen you prints and made your payment via Paypal, your work is done and it's over to Polagram who will print the photos and ship them the following day. 

I ordered mine on the Friday and they took 8 days to be delivered. I didn't know this but the postal mark on the envelope was German, i was expecting them to be printed in the UK so that was why it took a while for delivery.

The prints came in this pink envelope inside a cardboard envelope so they were well packaged. There were no leaflets or sales hype, just the prints and i love that as generally with things like this, you get a load of irrelevant literature from 3rd parties.

The prints are the size of my hand and i love them. The only downside is that when you order polaroid prints, you expect the white border which i clearly didn't get but it's no big deal. The photo's are brilliant quality considering they came from a phone and not a digital camera. One of them unfortunately didn't come out very well as the sides were cut off but apart from that one, i'm really happy overall.

I will be using the app again. It's best to use it when you have a lot of photos to print otherwise it just doesn't seem worthwhile waiting over a week for them. And at 29p a print, you can't go wrong with the price. This lot cost me just over £15. 


  1. These look great! I think the reason you didn't get the frame is because you ordered 4x4 which is a square which isn't the dimensions of a polaroid photo.

    1. Yeah that was my reasoning too after i'd finished writing the post. Not too big a deal, they all turned out well so i'm happy overall


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